What is Facebook Touch? What are its Uses and Benefits?

Facebook as a social media platform has stormed into the lives of every internet user around the world. The social network company has loads of options for sharing and connecting lots of people with a single click through its messaging, marketplace, video-sharing, and post-sharing ability. But have you heard about the Facebook Touch? 

The social networking platform has a different version of the application for users that require a minimalistic approach contrary to the web version with basic functionality is known as Facebook Touch. This version of Facebook is designed explicitly for touchscreen devices; that comes as a simple alternative for the full-fledged application but with minor changes here and there.  

What is Facebook Touch?

Facebook Touch is just a different version of the traditional application found on iOS and Android. This version of the social media platform comes as an additional variant to the web version that is lighter and works flawlessly on any touch screen device. Facebook brought this sophisticated version of FB in 2009 for more reach among touch smartphone users. 

The Touch Facebook version for the touch screen devices features a light and simplified interface for fast navigation. Most of the users in the present time doesn’t have a clear idea of this variety of application or service from Facebook. The Touch version was quite popular on devices that run on touch displays that featured less screen space.  

Why was Facebook Touch developed?

The sole reason for developing the Touch version of Facebook is to bring a user-friendly interface and a more straightforward feel. It means the application is designed for users with a touch-based smartphone that cannot run the full-fledged web version of Facebook fluidly. 

Moreover, Facebook made the Touch version of Facebook to have faster access to the social network without requiring a browser with heavy loading time. The Touch version is just an option made available for users that want an easy getaway to enter Facebook on their smartphones. 

Is Facebook Touch Useful Today? 

Knowingly or Unknowingly, every Facebook user has already used this Touch version at some point in their time. At this present day and age, every smartphone users come with faster chipsets and network speeds. It makes the usage of the Facebook Touch obsolete as you already have a more robust and speedier application available at your fingertips. 

However, suppose you are curious enough or trying to ditch the traditional application and regular your usage. In that case, you can switch to the Facebook Touch, which is frankly very similar to the mobile version on the browser. Although, you can notice faster scrolling and higher audio and video playbacks.  

Differences between Facebook and Facebook Touch

The significant difference that you can notice right away is the different URLs to access the regular and touch Facebook. The next difference would be in the UX and UI department, where it’s more user-friendly when compared to the standard version. The application works even better than the regular version when provided with higher specs as it can show higher quality of visuals and audio. 

The touch-based version is slightly smoother while navigating through social media when compared to the standard version. All in all, there’s not a considerable difference between Facebook and Facebook Touch. However, there’s a minor in video and audio streaming quality and speedy interface. Except for these, there’s no other significant difference between them both.

Facebook Touch
Facebook Touch
Facebook Touch

Benefits of Facebook Touch

The beneficial factors of the Facebook Touch include faster loading and navigation, higher visual and audio quality. Moreover, the Facebook Touch uses very little space on the device for the installation files and data usage compared to the regular version of Facebook. The dynamic experience of the Touch version is an added advantage for the interface. 

The touch smartphone users can use the Facebook Touch, where they can have a more reliable view of social media from the regular version. The small details such as full-screen mode, faster-opening speed of your friend profile, and quicker loading time of an image are in high definition. All these factors are a few of the benefits found while using Facebook Touch. 

How to Install Facebook Touch on Android?

Here’s how you can install Facebook Touch on Android

  1. You need to enable the permission to install applications from unknown sources in Settings.
  2. Now, search for Download Facebook Touch APK on Google.
  3. Multiple links are shown and now select a website that has the link to download the application.
  4. The final step is to download the APK from the links you have selected and install the application.
  5. The application is successfully installed and you can use the Facebook Touch.

Facebook Touch is Quite Helpful

The Touch version of Facebook, on the whole, is a different package that justifies a specific group of people. The user that doesn’t want to keep the traditional complete application of Facebook can look out for this version. The Facebook Touch allows for a simple and easily accessible user interface similar to the regular application but brings in speed and quality right along.

Furthermore, the usage of the Touch version has the benefit of high-quality audio and visuals in the posts. Whereas the regular mobile version of Facebook doesn’t load the images and videos in high quality, making the experience bland. All that said, we hope that now you have a clear idea about the Facebook Touch and its uses on Android.


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