The 8 Best PS5 Controllers You Can Pick!

While it is still as hard as before to secure a PS5 but if you do own one or are planning to get one, you might want to get the best PS5 controllers on the market to level up your gaming experience.

The new next-gen PS5 also came with the new next-gen DualSense controller with better haptics and adaptive triggers. While this may be the controller most of you use, there are some issues with it like controller drift, lousy battery life, weight, and more, so if you are looking for the best PS5 Controllers, this list is for you.

Best PS5 Controllers to Get in 2021

1. PlayStation 5 DualSense Controller

PS5 Controllers: DualSense

Even with the negatives, the official Sony PS5 Controller or the DualSense controller is still the best way for most people. The new PS5 already comes with a DualSense controller in the box. The new controller is much improved compared to the DualShock 4, which came with the PS4.

The new controller comes with an all-new design with longer stems, improved haptics, a unique matte finish design, and more. The DualSense controller also comes with Adaptive Triggers, which the DualShock 4 lacked. If the game supports it, Adaptive Triggers provide resistance to give a more immersive feeling.

The DualSense controller also has improved battery life compared to the DualShock 4, and unlike the DualShock 4, it comes with a USB Type-C port and a touchpad.

2. HexGaming Rival

PS5 Controller: Hex Gaming Rival

If you despise the new matte white finish the DualSense controller comes with, or if white isn’t your color, then the HexGaming rival is the perfect choice for you. The HexGaming rival is a highly customized version of Sony’s official DualSense PS5 Controller.

In terms of customizability, you get the option to choose between tons of different skins to personalize your PS5 Controller truly. You also get thumbsticks of varying height, textures, and colors. The only major disadvantage with the HexGaming Rival is the steep price. If you’re prepaid to pay that, then the HexGaming Rival is a great PS5 Controller.

3. Razer Raiju Tournament Edition

Razer is a really popular company in the world of gaming hardware, they make some of the best keyboards, laptops, mice, and the Razer Raiju Tournament Edition is no different. It is one of the best PS5 Controllers on the market right now.

PS5 Controller: Razer Raiju Tournament Edition

Although made for shooting games, the Razer Raiju Tournament Edition is a joy to play with no matter what games due to buttons offering tactile feedback and the four extra, fully customizable buttons. You can program the buttons with the companion app, which syncs to your controller over Bluetooth.

You can also lock the L2 and R2 buttons using the Hair Trigger Mode, allowing you not to press as firmly to receive a fast response. While the Razer Raiju Tournament Edition is more expensive than Sony’s official PS5 Controller, it is worth every penny if you’re into professional gaming.

4. Victrix Pro FS Arcade

They say: Don’t judge a book by its cover and while, the Victrix Pro FS Arcade doesn’t look like a conventional PS5 Controller, it is an excellent fightstick to enjoy fighting games. The Victrix Pro FS Arcade comes with a 3.5mm headphone jack up the front and a USB type C cable on the back; you also get a super long 9.4-foot USB cable to connect to your PS5.

PS5 Controller: Victrix Pro FS Arcade

The buttons Victrix Pro FS Arcade are tactile and highly responsive. The quick-release joystick improves portability, and the RGB lighting makes it look like a real gamer’s accessory. The Victrix Pro FS Arcade is compatible with both the PS5 and a PC, so you’ve covered both ways. The Victrix Pro FS Arcade is a great PS5 Controller, and you should try it out if you enjoy fighting games.

5. Aim Controllers Customized DualSense Controller

Aim Controllers is another way to customize the boring plain white DualSense PS5 Controller. With Aim Controllers, you can customize everything from the D-Pad to the base of the thumbsticks in a plethora of different colors. You can also make some elements of the DualSense PS5 Controller transparent.

PS5 Controller: Aim Controllers

If Vibrations aren’t essential to you in a controller, you can also remove the Vibration Motors for a lighter weight. Aim Controllers can also add Paddles to the back of your controller, and you can also add your logo or game tag to make the controller truly yours. Despite the high price, Aim Controllers is a great way to customize your PS5 Controller.

6. Scuf Impact

While it does look a bit like the DualShock 4 PS4 Controller, the Scuf Impact PS5 Controller takes it to the next level with tons of customizability options not just to make your controller look better but also to add additional features such as removable paddles, hair triggers, interchangeable thumbsticks and much more.

PS5 Controller: Scuf Impact

You can also add an EMR (Electro-Magnetic Reprogramming) Key to reprogram the back paddles to act as an X, O, Square, Triangle, Left D-pad, Right D-pad, L3, R3. You can also change the triggers to a digital tap system or a controlled system. If you want a relatively cheap customizable, and valuable PS5 Controller, then Scuf Impact is suitable.

7. Nacon Esports Revolution Unlimited Pro V3

If you prefer the XBOX controller over the PS5 controller, then the Nacon Esports Revolution Unlimited Pro V3 might be the controller for you. It resembles the XBOX controller in terms of layout and design. The controller has a soft touch, rubberized feel to it, which makes long gaming sessions enjoyable.

PS5 Controller:  Revolution Unlimited Pro V3

Along with two internal weight compartments, you also get six additional weights to make the controller lighter or heavier according to your desire. You also get tactile buttons and plug-and-play installation, making it dead easy to start using the Nacon Esports Revolution Unlimited Pro V3. However, you can’t turn on your PS5 with the controller, which may bother you a bit. The Nacon Esports Revolution Unlimited Pro V3 is a great PS5 Controller if you like a more XBOX type design and customizable weights.

8. Battle Beaver

Battle Beaver is yet another way to customize your DualSense PS5 Controller with a plethora of customizability options to choose from. You can select several different feels for the faceplate, such as soft-touch, hydro-dip, and even a translucent version. With Battle Beaver, you can add preprogrammed or use programmable buttons to the back of the PS5 Controller, which can help shoot games.

PS5 Controller: Battle Beaver

If you want, you can also add laser-marked text to the touchpad to take customizability to the next level. Other useful options include: changing the tension of thumbsticks converting L1 and R1 buttons to smart bumpers (Converts the squishy stock bumper into a light and crisp button click, feels almost identical to Smart Triggers), and much more. Although shipping starts in early 2022, Battle Beaver is a great way to customize your PS5 Controller.

Play Using These PS5 Controllers

We hope you liked our list of the best PS5 Controllers to buy. Since you’re going to be using them for a while, you should buy one with features you need or like best. For example: Do you need extra reprogrammable buttons? Do you want to customize heavily? Do you need different grips? Etc. If you would like to recommend a PS5 Controller, you can write about it in the comments below.

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