11 Best Websites to Download Subtitles for Movies

Subtitles are one of the key aspects of new-age entertainment, and finding the best websites to download subtitles for movies and series in some cases is a real pain. The times have changed in terms of digital media, with lots of content available right at the fingertips of a movie watcher. Having subtitles for movies and series helps in reading some crucial dialogues in an intense action scene or a scene with many noises in the background.

Furthermore, subtitles give reachability that increased content from different languages coming out on popular OTT platforms such as Netflix and Prime Video. Moreover, you can download subtitles for movies of other languages, which makes it enjoyable and even helps you learn a new language at the same time. Keeping all these things in consideration, we have curated a list of 11 Best Websites to Download Subtitles for Movies and Series. 

11 Best Sites to Download Subtitles for Movies and Series

1. Downsub

DownSub - Download Subtitles for Movies

Downsub has a different approach regarding the subtitles that lets you download the subtitles for online videos. The website can download subtitles for the existing online videos on the platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo, Daily Motion, Hotstar, Viu, and many others. This ability makes it a unique platform from other websites that only provide subtitles for movies and series. 

The website features an entry box for URL where you can paste the required video URL for the subtitles. After pasting the URL in the box, you need to click the Download button, and the subtitle gets downloaded on your system. The downloaded file comes in two different formats: the TXT and SRT, after removing HTML tags and formatting in the file.

2. OpenSubtitles

OpenSubtitles - Download Subtitles for Movies

There’s no question of doubt in choosing OpenSubtitles for downloading subtitles as the website serves the best and largest database of subs for many movies and series. The website features subtitles for up to 50 languages, such as from Aragonese to Vietnamese. Apart from the wide selection, the website has a detailed description of the subtitles, including the uploaded date. 

You can use the web pages from this open-source subtitles site as a parseable XML for using the pages on your websites. Furthermore, you can have a glance at the rating and comments of particular subtitles of a movie to decide to download faster. This open-source page is one of the best websites to download subtitles for movies and series featuring 5000 titles in one place. 

3. YIFY Subtitles

YIFY Subtitles - Download Subtitles for Movies

Most of the movie downloaders on the internet have come across the YIFY Movie website at least once that features a long list of Hollywood titles. The same website has pulled out its subtitles page that features a visually appealing user interface in the same route. The website even shows ratings for the movies along with many other details in one place. 

Also, the website comes with different genres that allow for an easy selection, and a search bar is already present on the website. Like the OpenSubtitles, the YIFY has a wide range of language selections that the users upload. The YIFY subtitles can be considered as one of the recommendable websites to download subtitles for movies. 

4. Subscene

Subscene comes into the scene along with OpenSubtitles and YIFY, as a popular go-to website to download subtitles. The website is provided with a filter that shows different subtitles for different languages. Subscene is also kind enough to provide subtitles downloading facility for the hearing impaired; it is an excellent gesture from the platform. 

Subscene - Download Subtitles for Movies

The website comes with a simple yet older style of user interface that comes with a few genre selection filters, a search box, and multiple files for a single movie or series title. Furthermore, the Subscene comes with a “request subtitle” option to download subtitles for movies later for users that cannot find the file for their desired movie.

5. Podnapisi

Podnapisi is best known for its English language subtitles that range from a collection of up to 2 million subtitles files to over 2 million subtitles. The website is a tad bit different in functioning and interface when compared to YIFY and OpenSubtitles. The changes can be noticed with the homepage, with a host of features engaging many users every day to download subtitles for movies. 

Podnapisi - Download Subtitles for Movies

The website comes with a search engine with a keyword search along with years, movie types, and ratings that helps you choose quality files. Moreover, users can check the quality of a subtitle file by checking the preview right before downloading. All these features on the platform make up for a perfect website to download subtitles for English movies and series. 

6. Subtitle Seeker

The Subtitle Seeker is seeking to throw a lot of pop-up ads at users; meanwhile, the search engine is quite good. Just like the Subscene, this website, along with its collection, brings up files from different websites showcased in one place. The website even features sub-categories for movies and series, making it much easier to find SRT files. 

Subtitle Seeker - Subtitles for Movies

The website has text files for a wide range of files from 480p to Blu-Ray, and Game of Thrones is a popular title from the lot. The interface is quite friendly, apart from the pop-up ads that might be irritating for finding the actual download button. We have got your back in that section, too, and the button is located at the bottom of the page for downloading the subtitles. 

7. TVSubtitles.net

The TV Subtitles is a minimal platform that features a home page with an excellent categorization for movies and TV shows. The website shows categories such as latest entries, popular TV shows, and even the most downloaded files from the platform.

TVSubtitles - Subtitles for Movies

Also, the interface is pretty similar to the other websites on the list and comes with a search box for easier access to a specific movie file. You can quickly jump on to the website and download subtitles for movies in a jiff.

8. Subdl

If you think that TVSubtitles was too friendly with their minimal interface, you haven’t checked out the Subdl. The Subdl website has an even cleaner interface featuring categories like popular subtitles, new subtitles, and many other latest movies. 

Subdl - subtitles for movies

There is a filter for language selection that includes English, Dutch, Italian, French, and much more. Apart from these features, the UI is very clean and features a separation of subtitle files for different formats for the same title of movie or series. 

9. Subdivx

One of the main factors for choosing the Subdivx website is its ad-free experience free of cost. The collection of subtitles on this website is quite huge as it features up to 560,000 but has a flimsy user interface to deal with. 

Subdivx - Subtitles for Movies

Although the website has a large number of files to download subtitles for movies and series, there’s a catch. The website doesn’t show up in the English language, and you may face difficulty navigating the platform. 

10. SubsMax

Just like TVSubtitles.net and Subdlin the list, the SubsMax website to download subtitles for movies and series has a clean interface. The interface might help you find the needed subtitles to download faster but lacks few features when compared to other subtitle websites.

SubsMax - Subtitles for Movies

The simple approach is a welcoming factor for users when finding and downloading subtitles for movies and series. Besides, a couple of categories are placed right below the search bar, such as Newly Added Titles and a few language-related subtitles. 

11. SRT Subtitle

As the name suggests, the SRT Subtitle website only features the SRT format of files to download subtitles for movies and series. Additionally, the SRT files come in up to 12 languages for many movies and series, which is quite a big deal among others on the list. 

SRTsubtitles - Subtitles for Movies

Same as the previously mentioned websites, the SRT subtitle platform has two main categories on the right side of the page. The categories are divided into TV series and Movies, and after selecting a category, it shows the recently uploaded files with title names to download. 

How to Enable Subtitles in VLC Automatically

VLC Player has the benefits of controlling its easy shortcuts and features while watching a movie or videos on the media player. But, do you know that VLC can source and download subtitles for movies at the same time?. If you have not known this feature, we will automatically show you the steps to enable subtitles on the VLC media player. 

  • Open VLC Player and Play your desired movie or series
  • In the top menu bar, click on the ‘View’ for a drop-down menu
     VLsub - Download Subtitles for Movies on VLC
  • Now, select the “VLsub’’ option found at the bottom of the list
  • Next, you need to click on “Search by Movie Name” which shows subtitle files for the same
    VLC Subtitles
  • You can select your desired subtitle file for the movie in the curated list by VLC

Download Subtitles for Movies from these Top 11 Websites

On the whole, these 11 websites mentioned in the list are the most popular platforms to download subtitles for movies. VLsub is an even better option to direct download the SRT and includes subtitles while the movie is playing subsequently. There are hundreds and hundreds of websites growing with downloadable subtitles in recent times, and we here have provided the best ones to choose for downloading SRT files.


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