10 Best Visio Alternatives for Diagramming and Flowcharts

Microsoft Visio is one of the most widely used applications for making flowcharts, diagramming, and creating other graphical presentation means. The seamless integration of Microsoft Office applications such as PowerPoint has made it a go-to chart-making option for many users. Microsoft’s chart-making and diagramming program is already present in the Office suite, which makes it a good deal if you’ve purchased Microsoft Office.

The standalone application cost of the Visio program is way higher; if you haven’t opted for the Office Suite pack from Microsoft. Although the program is excellent with all its functions, users who cannot afford, it will go for other alternatives to Visio. 

The below-provided list will provide the Visio Alternatives to Windows and even for the macOS systems. Your task of scouting for the common choices available for free flowcharting or online-based diagramming programs ends here. We will provide you with some of the popular alternatives for Visio with the list.  

Best Microsoft Visio Alternatives (2021)

1. Creately

Creately is the best alternative to Visio in the current time with its simple and easily interactable user interface. This is a perfect Visio alternative that brings a one-click function that creates flowcharts and diagrams at a faster pace. The program even contains different pre-loaded templates,pre-made lines, 60 shapes, and color selections making it a handy option for the users. 

Creately-Visio Alternative

Apart from all the nifty drawing and flowchart-making features, the program is even better for having some collaborative sessions by connecting with your team. The free version is made available for Windows, Mac, and Linux users with basic creating options provided in the program. The premium version of the Creately application starts from $5 per month or $49 per year, which is quite affordable compared to other Microsoft Visio Alternatives on the list. 

2. Lucid Chart

Lucid Chart is a web-based application for creating flowcharts and diagrams in a more accessible manner. The program is usable on any browser of different operating systems at ease. The application is unique with its compatibility of files from Visio and connectivity with Google account and Microsoft account, making it a seamless experience.

Lucid Chart - Alternative to Visio

The users that sign up for Lucid Chart have a clear advantage of restarting the older projects of Visio without any hiccups. One of the program’s downsides is the inability to open three different documents simultaneously, which is a bummer. Apart from that, this web-based free alternative for Visio is the best option for casual users with some limitations in the initial stages of free usage. Still, it costs $7.95 while continuing the work on the premium version of the program in the long term. 

3. Draw.io

Draw.io is similar to Lucid Draw, which makes it a web-based free application for drawing shapes and creating intuitive flowcharts with an executive touch. Some of the other capable creating features on the program include diagrams, organizational charts, and process models. Additionally, the program even has full cloud support to sync with Github, Google Docs, and Dropbox. 

Draw.io - Free Alternative to Visio

The program contains several templates for the diagrams and even features an icon library, drag-and-drop functionality, ability to track and restore changes. In the steps of Lucid Draw, the Draw.io program has the collaboration ability. It comes with an easily manageable interface even for casual users, making it a capable alternative for Visio. 

4. Google Drawings

Google has already made its mark in the Workspace sector by bringing applications similar to Microsoft’s Office Suite directly to the internet for free. Any average user with basic knowledge can now jump on to the Google Drawings program. Users can make easy flowcharts and draw diagrams with a friendly interface. Furthermore, you can easily share the file with others or transfer them across the Docs, Slides, and Sheets on Google. 

Google Drawings - Free Alternatives to Visio

Moreover, you can even use the application as an offline tool on any browser by downloading the Google Drawings extension from chrome’s web store. Although, the Drawings application is not as powerful as Microsoft’s program and other Visio alternatives. The application comes with an exciting set of templates, shapes that are pretty helpful for fast and easy creations. 

5. ASCIIFlow

This web-based drawing tool is available a click away for making easy drawings and flowcharts. ASCIIFlow is yet another program found on the web which can be recommended as one of the best alternatives to Visio. For starters, there is no need for the signing up process on the program, which leads to an immediate start for making drawings without any setups.

ASCIIFlow - Visio Alternative

The program may not be as powerful or feature-packed with many options at disposal as the other alternatives on the list. But ASCIIFlow comes with basic stuff where a beginner can be more comfortable, allowing for easy creations. For creating, a primary way of portraying your thoughts in a diagrammatic way is a cake way on the application with a minimal selection of shapes. 

6. Open Office Draw

The Open Office Draw is an open-source application available for Windows. macOS and Linux,  rivals as a free competitor to Microsoft’s Visio. Sun Microsystems first released the currently Apache-owned software in 2002. The application features many options that help create diagrams and flowcharts with the wide availability of templates and shapes, making it a quickly choosable Visio alternative. 

Open Office Draw - Visio Alternative

Moreover, there is no limitation on any option or feature with users taking full advantage of this free tool. Furthermore, Office Draw uses XML format, making the diagrams insertable on other format files as well. The diagrams and flowcharts made on Visio can easily be edited on Office Draw or resume the work with no fuss.

7. LibreOffice Draw

Similar to Open Office Draw application, the LibreOffice Draw comes from the same Apache-owned firm as an open-source alternative to Visio. The application is available on Windows, Linux, and macOS, making it more widely available for users. Apart from regular drawing and flowchart making, the application features a unique grouping option.

LibreOffice Draw

The ability of grouping the objects on the platforms helps make different changes in the charts and even comes an advantage to link with other groups. The Draw can even work as a PDF editor and create diagrams and flowcharts, and it even manages to create images for tracking productivity and editing vector graphics. 

8. Edraw Max 

Edraw Max comes as an alternative for Visio that matches the user interface as Microsoft’s drawing tool. The program is one of the popular data visualization tools that help in creating exceptional flowcharts and diagrams that are easily shareable with anyone. Additionally, the program comes with tons of features and pre-loaded templates for an easy workflow. 

Edraw Max - Visio Alternative

The application features up to 280+ pre-loaded templates and symbols; that even help for giving clean indications for information provided on a flow chart. Moreover, the compatibility for Visio files on Edraw Max is a welcoming feature that can edit a file and export the same file back. The program is available on Windows, Linux, and macOS and is priced at $99 for a one-year license, and the lifetime license costs around $258. 

9. Moqups

Moqups is pretty well known for its wireframes and prototypes making functionalities, and It also has its mark at creating diagrams, flowcharts combined with graph-making. The user interface of the application is quite advanced, with many features spread over for easier accessibility. Moqups comes with a range of unique ways of creating Flowcharts, UML Diagrams with drag and dropping.

Moqups - Alternatives to Visio

The application can be considered a definite alternative to Visio, which features a built-in library consisting of more than 1000 popular icon packs. Furthermore, the software has collaborative features that allow sharing the work while editing without even closing the program. With the wireframing options and diagram making, the program can be a stellar deal at $23 per month or 16$ annually.

10. GraphViz

GraphViz is one of the oldest software from the lot, released 30 years ago in 1991. The software is an open-source platform that makes diagrams of abstract graphs and networks with structural information. The platform even comes with applications related to web design, machine learning, bioinformatics, software engineering, and database helpful for technical users. 


The main aspect of this traditional software is that it uses a simple text language for graph descriptions and provides different formats. The application uses formats such as PDFs for documents, images, and SVG for web pages. This software can be a Visio alternative that uses a command-line utility and the robust DOT language for quick-making processes in the long term. 

Try These Visio Alternatives for Diagramming and Flowcharts

These were the top 10 free and best alternatives for Visio available on the internet for making different types of visualization charts and many more.

All the programs mentioned above are cross-platform compatible and even support editing of Visio files at any time. Our choice for the best Visio alternative is Edraw Max that brings a very similar UI and features to Microsoft’s program in one place.


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