How to Use Vanish Mode on Messenger?

You may have come across Vanish Mode on Instagram but have you known that; Facebook has first introduced the Vanish Mode on Messenger. The application is slowly transforming itself, with different features introduced recently, just like Instagram, but the changes aren’t significant. The Vanish Mode feature first made its debut on Messenger and then rolled out to Instagram for making disappearing message conversations.

This newly introduced Vanish Mode on Messenger helps make discreet conversations that erase themselves after the recipient reads the message. The overall approach of this feature is similar to other social media applications such as Snapchat, which works in the same method. The Vanish mode comes in as a new update on Messenger, and let’s check out its uses in brief steps. 

What is Vanish Mode?

Vanish Mode on Messenger

Vanish Mode for messages on Messenger was rolled out in November 2020 with the intention for users to make forgettable conversations. Moreover, the feature was later rolled out to Instagram in December 2020 due to its seamless sync between both applications. Both Instagram and Messenger from Facebook share similar features in messaging and voice and video calling.

The application even throws a tutorial for users that discover this feature on Messenger for the new disappearing Mode. On the first swipe, the Vanish mode gives a list of crucial features explaining other details about privacy’s safety, blocking, and reporting options. Then, the application shows the vanish mode turned on in the chat, where you can make conversations that disappear.

How to Use Vanish Mode on Messenger

Here’s how you can turn on or off Vanish Mode on Facebook Messenger 

  1. Open the Messenger for Facebook application 
  2. Now, select any previously made conversations or go for the new message option for making a new conversation.
  3. After opening a chat page of your desired user, try to stay at the bottom of the conversation where it last ended.
  4. Now, just swipe up right away and the vanish mode will turn on.
  5. Send text messages or media just like a normal conversation.
  6. After the completion of the private chat; just swipe downwards to turn off Vanish mode.
  7. The sent and received messages in the mode disappear right away with Vanish Mode on Messenger.
Vanish Mode on Messenger

Things to Remember when using Vanish Mode on Messenger

  • The private messaging mode works only on individual chats and does not work on group chats on Messenger. 
  • The messages sent in the mode don’t show up on any notifications to read it directly and only appear when the conversation is opened in the application.
  • The users should be friends with each other on the application and only then the disappearing messages feature works in the chats.
  • Both the individuals have equal control for staying in the Vanish mode and can turn off the feature at any moment by declining the option.
  • Users get notified when either of them takes any screenshot of the conversation made in the mode on Messenger which comes as an extra precaution.
Vanish Mode Screenshot

Chat Using Vanish Mode on Facebook Messenger

This was our short and brief take on how you can use Vanish Mode on Messenger from Facebook. The feature is a boon for users who don’t want their chat saved in the application and vanishes right after the recipient sees the message. Additionally, the Vanish Mode on Messenger supports media files such as GIFs, Photos, and Videos apart from standard text messages.


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