8 Best iTunes Alternatives for Windows and macOS

There are many iTunes Alternatives that are already available for users that don’t like Apple’s own syncing software. iTunes has always been the go-to software for many iOS users for any type of file transfer from Mac and Windows systems. This Apple-made application also works as a music player on both Windows and Mac operating systems. Recently, Apple has decided to spill the news that they are discontinuing this application on their latest macOS Catalina update. 

There is a different side of the story for users that use iTunes on Windows. Moreover, the application is practically very slow at times, outdated, and doesn’t work perfectly as it does on the macOS systems. The reason that you want to switch to an iTunes alternative perhaps is the discontinuation or utterly working state on Windows. We bring you a list of alternatives to iTunes that you can switch to right now.

Best iTunes Alternatives for Windows and Mac

1. TunesGo

TunesGo - iTunes Alternatives

TunesGo is a service from Wondershare and works as a replacement for iTunes. The service basically gets used for backing up your photos, music, contacts, and much more. The application doesn’t require the help of iTunes and works independently. The design of the TunesGo eliminates the shortcomings of iTunes and provides a feature-loaded service. 

Apart from transferring music files to your iOS device, TunesGo helps you to create your own iPhone ringtone. The service arranges your music albums, songs and gets rid of duplicate tracks, and fixes the music tags. TunesGo can even sort out your images with the desired filters provided in the application. 

If you love making GIFs, the application can even create those short animated videos for you. The software is the best option for users that aren’t backing up their stuff on the cloud. This application can easily restore and back up your files or any type of file. The transfers take place between iOS to any other device of yours. All these features sorted out in TunesGo can use comfortably. We can say it’s a great iTunes alternative.

2. MusicBee

iTunes Alternatives

MusicBee is the highest-rated, most recommendable music player and an iOS transfer tool for media. MusicBee helps you seamlessly import libraries from iTunes or Windows Media Player. You can even listen to your favorite web-radio stations, podcasts and it even has Sound Cloud Integration. Apart from the sync feature, MusicBee is a good application as a media player.

There are few tweaking options for music on the application, which can enhance your listening experience. You can configure the 15-band equalizer that adjusts the highs and lows in the way you want it. Another minor but elegant feature is gapless playback which makes it bliss while changing tracks. The UI is intuitive with features but doesn’t look appealing. The service is a well-known and highly rated iTunes Alternative.

3. MediaMonkey

iTunes Alternatives

MediaMonkey is a commendable iTunes alternative for its easily navigable interface. The application is a boon for you if you happen to listen to music in different formats. The media managing tool can handle large collections of audio and video files in a hassle-free manner. There is an array of formats that the service supports to transfer to iOS and to listen. 

The media manager application is very simple with a very friendly user interface, unlike iTunes.The formats that the application supports are MP3, AAC (M4A), OGG, WMA, FLAC, ALAC, MPC, WAV, CDA, AVI, MP4, OGV, MPEG, WMV, M3U, and PLS. There are a ton of features provided with the tool which makes it a powerful iTunes alternative. 

4. PodTrans


PodTrans is a minimal application and is a perfect alternative for iTunes if you are down for a clutter-free interface. The application is more usable for the users that own iPods. Moreover, the application doesn’t require iTunes installed on your device as such. The interface is very simple that you can transfer your files in a few clicks after connecting your device. 

The experience of the application is a practical approach. There aren’t any unnecessary features that end up ruining your way of transferring files. The user interface clearly mentions the type of files and everything on the dashboard in the paid version. You can just use the free version if you want to but the Pro version just adds a more reliable solution for syncing between iOS devices. 

5. WinX and MacX MediaTrans

iTunes Alternatives

The WinX or MacX Media Trans is a software that perfectly fits in the slot as an iTunes alternative. The process for the transferring of files, music, and videos is very basic and simple that no other application provides. There is no need of installing iTunes separately to run the MediaTrans software. You have to install the software and directly connect your iOS device.

Connecting your iOS device will right away land you on a page revealing all the transferring features of the MediaTrans software. The software has a lot of features on the table such as automatic photo backup, music management with two-way music transfer, video transfer, book organizer, ringtone maker. Moreover, you can encrypt your photos and videos library.

6. EaseUS MobiMover

iTunes Alternatives

EaseUS MobiMover, a feature-rich alternative for Apple’s iTunes software that has every option similar to iTunes and much more in offer. The software has one of the best user interfaces which is very friendly and easy to navigate around. The application allows you to transcode your iOS right inside your computer with just a few clicks.

There are separate mentions such as Audio, Pictures, Videos, Contacts, Applications, and Others. You can select any of the provided options and continue your syncing from any iOS device or iOS to any device. Moreover, you can sync multiple devices simultaneously with unlimited data transfer which is a very handy feature for multiple iOS device users. 

7. iMazing 2 

iTunes Alternatives

iMazing 2 is an amazing alternative from iTunes as the name suggests. The software has a similar user interface of iTunes and mainly runs on macOS. The interface is a straight forward appeal without any fuss for an efficient usage for syncing of iOS devices. The application features multiple device support similar to EaseUS MobiMover. 

There are some pretty awesome and amazing features bundled along with the application that includes wireless and automatic backups. The backups are even stored in a separate section called old backups which is a key feature of this UI. There are no bugs or any other difficulties to face as the software is user-friendly and just connecting the device will show the complete status.

8. WALTR 2

iTunes Alternatives

The WALTR 2 is a paid software for macOS users and is a perfect iTunes alternative. The application works similarly to AirDrop. You can either connect your device through a Lightning Cable or on the same Wi-Fi network to which the macOS machine is connected. The software allows users to transfer music and image files at a very fast speed similar to AirDrop. 

The application can transfer other files apart from Music and Image files which are PDFs, ePUB, and Audiobooks. The main attractive feature of this transfer service is that it can detect the type of files and syncs the data with your native Apple applications. The only catch is that it is a paid software but the service satisfies your syncing needs without any trouble for sure.

Use the Best iTunes Alternative of your choice

These are some of the newest and finest working iTunes alternatives for both Windows and macOS users. Actually, there are many alternative services for Apple’s syncing software. The above-mentioned services provide a clean user-interface and give you a very smooth experience while syncing your stuff from device to device. The native iTunes service is completely being discontinued after the new macOS Catalina update. You can even find people that already use iTunes alternatives instead of native service for a smooth and easy syncing process.

You not only have the syncing programs built into these alternatives to iTunes, but the services mentioned above in the list work as a music arranger and much more. Almost every service mentioned on the iTunes alternatives list is free and a couple of services are paid. If you find a better iTunes alternative apart from the list, comment down below and we will add your favorite iTunes alternatives to the list. Comment down below your favorite pick from the list and you can even send us queries regarding any topics freely.


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