5 Simple Ways to Fix Google Play Services Keeps Stopping

Many users have complained about “Google Play Services keeps Stopping,” or Unfortunately, Google Play Services Has Stopped the issue on hundreds of smartphones from different manufacturers. There might be many reasons for this particular issue, but the solutions for this Play Service stopping problem are many. So, let us discuss some of them.

The user-facing of this issue might be an outdated version of the Google Play store due to many other reasons on the smartphone. In this article, TechBaked will provide you with some of the proven methods that have fixed and helped the pop-up of Google Play Services keeps stopping.

There may be different reasons for the Services of Google Play to get closed, maybe due to a faulty update with bugs or due to incorrect time setting. There are many such reasons and below are the methods where a user can overcome this issue and fix it for a hassle-free user experience on their Android Smartphone.

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Solutions for Google Play Services Keeps Stopping

1. Restart your Android Smartphone

Google Services keeps Stopping is a common issue among Android users as the app is the main functioning part of the Google Play Store and Google apps. Every issue in many Android devices might get solved with a simple reboot or restarting of the smartphone. So, before trying out the below steps just restart your smartphone which may solve this particular issue.

Most of the Play Store stoppages issues are occurred due to either bad software or network issues. Also, there can be a chance where Google has rolled out a wrong version of Google Play for your specific device which leads to “Google Play Services keeps Stopping“. After restarting your device, this issue might not get solved. So, try out the below step where the version of Google Play Store and services can get updated.

2. Update Google Play Store and Play Services

  1. Open Google Play Store on the Android Device and Search for Google Play Services page
  2. Check if the version of Google Play Services is outdated or not.
  3. If there’s an update button select it and update the Play Services app.

This is one way to correct the issue as many users might not update the Play Services which eventually stops stating Google Play Services keeps stopping if the outdated version contains any bugs. This step ensures to get rid of those bugs on the previous version by updating it to the newer and better version that helps the user to handle this issue with ease.

Even though, you have updated the Play Services and still experience the same issue. It may be an issue with the cache of the Play Services. So, below the provided step can you help the user to remove the junk that’s been piled up by the app which may help the user to restart the app services and bring an end to the “Google Play Services keeps Stopping” issue.

3. Clear Cache of Google Play Services

google play services keeps stopping
  1. Head to the Settings menu on your Android device
  2. Select the Apps menu in the settings page and search for Google Play Services
  3. Clear the cache of the Google Play Services by selecting Clear Cache

Clearing Cache of the particular app which is the Google Play Services may fix the stopping issue as Play Services works as a framework for all the Google and Google Play apps running on your device. The files removed from the cache might help the device to restart the app and work it in a finer way.

Even after cleaning the cache, some users might encounter the same issue leading to a lot of unnecessary frustration. So, the user can try the below step which is disabling the Google Play Services app. Google Play Services keeps Stopping is a very unsettling issue at times and the user can try the disabling option to reinstall the app again.

4. Disable Google Play Services to Uninstall Previous Updates

  1. Head to the Settings menu on your Android device
  2. Select the Apps menu in the settings page and search for Google Play Services
  3. Select the Disable button to uninstall the updates and restore the original build.

The disabling of Google Play Services will revive its original build by uninstalling previously installed updates which will remove the bugs or issues and after updating to the latest build might help the “Google Play Services keeps Stopping” issue. This method might not be everyone’s go-to as every user doesn’t encounter the problem in the same way.

The below method which is setting the right Date and Time might help the user to persuade the problem of “Google Play Services keeps Stopping“. This may not be occurring in every other user but simply setting the date and time would help the user to set thing rights for many Google Play applications.

5. Set the Date and Time

  1. Head to the Settings menu on your Android device.
  2. Select the System menu on the page and select Date and Time.
  3. Toggle on the Automatic Date and Time on the Date and Time page.

There are certain situations where some of the Android devices might not get toggled on with Automatic Date and Time. Ensure you are connected to a network such as Wi-Fi or Mobile Data which will set the correct time on the smartphone if the above option is activated and helps to fix the Play services stopping issue.

Hope, this simple time and date setting might help the user to overcome the “Google Play Services keeps Stopping” problem. Even though many users face it in their typical usage of their Android smartphone but many are unaware of these simple methods that can help users to deal with the issue with breeze.

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Google Play Services Keeps Stopping Fixed

These are the five solutions to resolve Google Play Services has stopped issue on Android smartphones. The other option that you may try is to update the smartphone’s firmware to the latest version and checking for regular updates. The above mentioned solutions would suffice to ensure to fix the issue.

The above-mentioned steps are the most common steps among the Android smartphones world which not only help to fix the issue of “Google Play Services keeps Stopping” but also can be applied to other apps that show similar signs of the stoppage at times which is really getting someone’s back up.

Sometimes it might be your device’s problem as the software version of Android that your are running on may end up running things slow if the version is older. Try updating your phone’s software regularly and if the phone is too old just upgrade to a new one as the older variant might be the main problem for “Google Play Services keeps Stopping“.

Even after trying the above steps, if you found any difficulty just reset your device which will bring back to the original version of your firmware and will fix this issue or any other issue. This is our guide to fixing the ‘Google Play Services keeps stopping‘ and if you have any queries on any topic, feel free to comment down below.

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