10 Best Rabbit Alternatives To Chat and Stream

Many people have used Rabbit like platforms before and in the pandemic and are looking for Rabbit AlternativesRabbit is a platform used to stream content by sharing the screen with your friends and loved ones without any interferences obstructing your way. The platform has gained a lot of popularity in recent times as people enjoy online streaming content shared via a link where your friends and family members can chat and watch the shows or movies simultaneously.

Eventually, due to investors backing out from the platform and other unknown reasons, Rabbit has shut down its services in May 2020 and was acquired by Kast in July 2020. The general idea of Rabb.it was to share the screens to enjoy party video streaming and getting interaction with chat. Since the Rabbit service shut down, we bring you some Rabbit Alternatives below which work in the same way.

10 Rabbit Alternatives to Stream with your Friends (2021)

1. Rave

Rave: Rabbit Alternative

Rave is a platform similar to Rabbit, based in Canada. Rave is an application that helps to invite friends to join the chat and video streaming simultaneously. This application is purely for Mobile and Tablets. You cannot use it on Desktop browsers, unlike Rabbit.

Rave can stream shows seamlessly from Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime, Disney+, Google Drive, and Vimeo; Not an ideal Rabbit alternative but is very reliable for portable Android and iOS devices. You can try this application from the Play Store and App Store.

2. Kosmi

rabbit alternative

Kosmi.io is a mix of streaming video content and playing games by joining in with an invite system. You can log in to Kosmi’s website and join in different rooms instantly without any fuss to deal with it and have interactions with a different set of people by starting a conversation in the room chat. The Kosmi.io can get accessed from both desktop and mobile platforms.

There’s no restriction here as you can stream your comfortable content as you need and invite people to a room by selecting Watch Party that you can hang out with and have a good time while watching or playing a game from the provided list of Kosmi’s page. You can even support the guys at Kosmi by buying them a cup of coffee as a token of donation.

Kosmi’s platform’s gaming side provides you with many games in genres such as Table Games, including Texas Holdem’ Poker, Kosmi Offends the Galaxy and Virtual Cardtable. The video games section of Kosmi comes with venge.io, OpenArena(Quake 3), NES, and SNES Emulator. A PSX Emulator opens a wide range of older PS1 titles to play with streaming and chatting for those fun-filled nostalgic feels.

3. Caracal

rabbit alternative

Caracal is a simple yet useful platform for you to get your work done with the right features. Caracal allows you to create a room or enter a room right away without even signing up and diving into different rooms. 

The User Interface of Caracal is fundamental that is very accessible for everyone. The homepage lands you with two categories that show Popular rooms with a higher number of viewers to join the stream and the other type of shows Newer users who have started streaming in their rooms. Caracal is a web-browser based page for stream sharing. 

4. Netflix Party

rabbit alternative

As the name suggests, Netflix Party or Teleparty.com is a free Rabbit alternative that can help you watch shows and movies with your friends online. Unlike, Rabbit and other platforms, TeleParty is an extension and a software-based application where you have to install the extension and use it on the Chrome browser or any other Desktop browsers.

The best part of Netflix Party is that you don’t need to open a different tab or window. You need to click on the extension and start a watch party right away. The platform supports streaming from Netflix, Disney, Hulu, and HBO. You can group chat and stream the shows from the mentioned OTT websites. 

5. invited.tv

rabbit alternative

Invited is slightly different and can be considered as a Rabbit alternative for its interface. The Invited platform has a virtual browser in itself that lets you stream content from any website that is accessible from the virtual browser provided by the platform. 

There is another perk to Invite.tv where your friends or those in your room can control the browser by selecting Request Remote. This way, you can watch whichever content you like, such as movies, TV shows, anime, or listen to music together.

6. Watch2Gether

rabbit alternative

Watch2Gether is a website-based platform that helps you stream together within some internet-based video streaming websites such as Youtube, Twitch, Vimeo, DailyMotion, Soundcloud, and other popular streaming websites that are featured while sharing the content on Watch2Gether. Not a perfect Rabbit alternative but gets the job done.

The room’s creator has all the options to select and share the stream mentioned from the different sets of streaming websites. You can even interact with your room members by starting an audio and video chat instead of a regular discussion. Watch2Gether directly shows recommended videos from the featured websites which is even more intuitive, unlike other rabbit alternatives.

7. Kast

Kast is an easy recommendation as a Rabbit alternative as it came into play by acquiring Rabbit in July 2020. But there is a catch here with the Kast platform. Unlike, previously mentioned Rabbit Alternatives, you cannot stream whichever content you desire with your friends.

Instead, the platform gives an option to stream content from Kast TV, Tubi, and YouTube. The Kast TV consists of very few movies, whereas Tubi has various movies with different genres curated for you. There is also an option to share the screen, but you need to become a Kast member by paying a base price of $9.99/year.

8. MyCircle.TV

rabbit altenative

MyCircle.TV is instead a primary streaming option with fewer options to hover around with your friends. The platform lets you stream and chat together in a synchronized manner. MyCircle is a free platform with no registration needed, which is a simple way to share the link and ready to stream with your friends. MyCircle is a decent Rabbit alternative with little web-streaming content support.

But, MyCircleTV doesn’t support all the content websites from the internet. At the time of writing this, it only supports three content options which are YouTube, Vimeo, and SoundCloud. You have to copy and paste the links in the Create or Join a room box to start enjoying videos together with your friends. 

9. AirTime

rabbit alternative

AirTime was initially a web-product launched on June 5, 2012, for a group video chatting on iOS and Android. AirTime lets you chat with text, audio, and video simultaneously, along with side-streaming videos, music, and images from popular websites such as YouTube and Spotify

You cannot access AirTime from browsers on the desktop, but you need to download the AirTime app on iOS and Android to share content and chat simultaneously. AirTime made the Rabbit Alternative list because of the User Interface and overall app, which is easy to stream and chat along with your friends.

10. CYA Live

rabbit alternative

CYA Live or Synaptop is a streaming website that lets you share your screen for free and lets you have a chat with voice or video while streaming your favourite shows or movies. You can host several things that get featured on the room’s side panel, which allows you to stream anything without any restriction. 

The unique options listed on the side panel are Screen Share, Youtube, PDF, and MP4 files. You can even mirror your Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides if you are solely trying to interact with your friends or colleagues for an official meeting purpose. You can click on the Create Room option and start the stream right away with your desired option in the featured list.

Stream Using These Rabb.it Alternatives

Here are some of the best Rabbit alternatives you can use to have a joyful time by letting your friends join a watch party. We picked the Rabbit alternatives as per reviews and featured the platform provides to you. If there is any other platform you use and is not on the above Rabbit alternatives list, please let us know by leaving a comment.


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