Best Photo Editing Apps For Android

Most of the “Best Photo Editing Apps” on Google Play store are useless as they tend to have a lot of unnecessary stuff and a lot of ads. Smartphone sensors have evolved immensely in the past few years. With the advancements in Mobile Technology, giant smartphone camera sensor makers like Sony and Samsung are pushing their limits, trying to fit in the maximum number of “Megapixels” in the sensors.

The image processing, on the other hand, isn’t given the most priority as everyone seems to go bonkers only about the resolution of the camera while forgetting other things that matter. Hence, we have compiled a list of 5 best photo editing apps to enhance the images and make you a Pro Photographer.

Best Photo Editing Apps For Android

1. Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express - Best Photo Editing Apps

Adobe, also known for its variety of Photo, Video, and Graphics editing software, released Photoshop Express for Android in 2016. Adobe is known for using top-notch algorithms for image enhancement, which has made them pioneers of the modern Photo/Video era.

The app has a lot of tools, enough to fill this article and bore you. Some of the great tools are Noise Removal, Image Auto-correction, Applying Background Blur, Adding Borders and Text, Filters and Effects, and creating Collages. The app is available for free on the Google Play Store with a solid rating of 4.6, and it is one of the best photo editing apps in the list.

[appbox googleplay com.adobe.psmobile]

2. Snapseed by Google

Snapseed - Best Photo Editing Apps

Announced in February 2012, Snapseed intends to run on Windows before Google bought it and released it on Android.  At first, people didn’t like it, and in 2015, Google did a major overhaul and released Snapseed V2, which was well received by the audience. The reason behind the popularity is because of how easy it is to use.

Users can pick from a vast list of tools like Image Tuning, Details, Curves, White Balance, Selective Focus, brush, Healing, HDR Scape to improve the dynamic range, Portrait mode for background blur and the list goes on. There are many filters to choose from, and options to export it via other file formats and instant sharing is cherry on top.

The app has 1 million hits on Play store with a solid rating of 4.6.  Hence, this app makes it to second place in our best photo editing apps list.

[appbox googleplay com.niksoftware.snapseed]

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3. PicsArt

picsart - best photo editing apps

PicsArt is an all-round performer. From photo editing to video editing, creating your stickers, and effects, PicsArt got you covered. The app is free on the Play Store but populates with a lot of ads that you will spend significant time watching/closing ads than editing. Overall, it is an excellent app considering the features that you get.

Users also get to participate in various challenges to improve their Photo/Video/Graphics editing skills to win “exciting” prizes. Users can also purchase the Pro version, which costs $48 annually.

The app is available to download from Play Store and is rated 4.3.

[appbox googleplay ]

4. Adobe Lightroom

Lightroom - Best Photo Editing Apps

A lot of users are often confused between Lightroom and Photoshop. The difference is if you are a pro photographer and if you want to composite an image that cannot be captured in a single shot (add stuff that you couldn’t capture), Photoshop can take it. If you like to enhance the image via a variety of filters and settings, you might want to use Lightroom.

Adobe Lightroom now comes with an in-built camera option so that you can capture and image and edit it on the go. It is a pretty slick app, and hence it has made its way to the top best photo editing apps.

[appbox googleplay com.adobe.lrmobile]

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5. LightX

lightx - Best Photo Editing Apps

It is yet another great photo editor that you will find on the Play Store. With a size of 22 MB, This is the lightest among all the apps in the list. There are a plethora of options available. Changing the background of a photo by cutting out the object, Photo effects, Merge two or more photos, Create Collages,  Frames, Shape Manipulation, Stickers, etc.. With a pretty solid rating of 4.6 this app makes its way to this list.

[appbox googleplay com.lightx ]


It is hard to choose a winner among the top 5 apps as they are unique in their ways. Many other apps may perform better than the apps on this list. The reason they didn’t mention it because of the bad ads that they push and make your experience worse.

Let us know in the comments section, which app do you use, and why?

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