PUBG Mobile is Gearing Up To Make a Comeback in India

PUBG Mobile has confirmed it’s return to India a few days ago and revealed that the version of the game is specifically made for Indian players with naming as PUBG Mobile India. The developers have not announced any specific date for the game to return to the country but have given out some key information which is good news for the Indian-based PUBG players and streamers across the country.

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There is news from the PUBG Mobile India developers stating that they will ensure to redirect the previous User IDs of the players to the new Indian version of the game. This can lead to players having not to sign up for any newer accounts and can continue their game from the previous account itself. This decision will give relief to the players that have shelled out their money on many different characters and gun skins that they own on their previous account as they can enjoy them in the newer version as well.

PUBG Mobile: Metro Royale
PUBG Mobile: Metro Royale

The parent company of PUBG Mobile has made a deal with Microsoft to rely their work on Microsoft Azure servers. This partnership is not a new one as KRAFTON company which is the parent company of PUBG has come into terms with Microsoft for Xbox console by hosting the servers on Microsoft Azure shifting from Amazon Web Services. Now, both the Mobile and PC/Console versions of PUBG are getting hosted by Microsoft Azure which ends all the tie-ups of Krafton with China.

The PUBG Mobile version of India is speculated to announce with minor changes from the Global version which have various aspects of customizations for Indian players that include different sets of skin clothing and unique characters. The Indian version is said to come with restrictions on game time as many complaints were raised across the country regarding the long hours of gameplay and they have ensured to regulate a certain period of game time for the safety of young age players.

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Krafton, the parent company of PUBG Mobile has revealed its plans to invest $100 million in India. The investment is made to progress more of the esports culture and bring more awareness into the public by conducting different competitions and events on PUBG Mobile India. The game is due for approval and permissions from the Government of India, but the company has already started teasing the comeback and the game may arrive before the end of this year.

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