After Xiaomi, Apple Starts Showing Ads on its Devices

Many users criticise Chinese phone companies like Xiaomi and Realme for showing ads in their devices. These companies show ads as a way to make extra money since usually their phones are really cheap for the hardware they bring to the table. For eg. the POCO X3 costs INR 19,000 for specs like Snapdragon 732, a 120 Hz display, a 5130 mAh battery, a phone with these specs will normally cost around INR 30,000. The way Xiaomi (parent company of POCO) makes money of this phone is ads directly baked in the UI. There are ads when we install or uninstall an app. The UI actually ads extra unnecessary steps just to show an ad.

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Now, we don’t expect these ads when we buy phones from companies like OnePlus or Apple(Samsung has also started putting ads in their devices be it a budget Galaxy A21s or the 2000$ Z Fold 2) but now a Twitter user, Tom Warren, a senior editor at Verge posted a screenshot of Apple advertising it’s paid subscriptions on its devices.

Tom Warren’s screenshot

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In addition to this many Twitter users have also responded saying they see ads like this on their iPhone’s and iPad’s for Apple TV+, Apple Care + etc. Many users do not want Ads on their Apple devices since they pay about 900$ for their iPhone ( More or less depending on their model).

Do you think Apple or any other company should put ads on their phones without letting the customers know before they purchase the device? Let us know in the comments below.

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