Google’s Chrome 80 Reported To Be Slower Than Chrome 79

When Google announced its open-source project, Chromium, everyone was excited about it. Google took its open-source Chromium project and built a web browser based on it called Google Chrome. It was quite astonishing in the initial versions. To be precise, faster than other browsers, which made everyone switch to Google Chrome in the end. But slowly, users started complaining about the RAM usage, and the reports were accurate.

Recently, Google announced a significant update to Google Chrome. Instead of improving, it degraded the performance of Google Chrome.

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Google Chrome 80 Slower Than Chrome 70

As per the test results posted on Github by a user @krausest, it revealed that after the Chrome 80 update, the Chrome browser is 30% slower compared to Chrome 79, the previous version of Google Chrome. Google announced this update with a bunch of features, but it looks like it still needs a little polishing to be done.

If you bring your focus to the comparison chart posted by @krausest, you’ll notice that over new versions, Chrome’s performance has been degrading. But Chrome 80 took a significant downfall by 30%. We still don’t know the chances of getting things fixed yet.

Chrome 80 vs Chrome 79
Comparison of Google Chrome 80 to previous versions (Lower is better)

It was not only noticed by the developers, but a few users reported about this case on Reddit. They were facing problems with slower scrolling speed and looked like the reports were true. If you are facing similar issues, then let us tell you, you’re not the only one. All we’re hoping is to see some fixes from Google to improve the performance as soon as possible.

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