7 Best Twitter Apps for Android Phones and Tablets

Twitter is undoubtedly one of the best social media apps, and with tens of millions of active users around the world, there’s a pretty good chance that you’re one of them. Unlike others, say Facebook and Instagram, Twitter has a different reputation, the primary reason being the active presence of officials, business and media personalities, celebrities, all under one roof.

That said, whatever the reason is for your existence on Twitter, you must be accessing it from one of the many platforms that Twitter supports. Provided you’re a “Twitter for Android” user and are in search of the best Twitter apps for Android; you’ve come over to the right place precisely. Here, we’ll jot down the seven best Twitter apps for Android.

Best Twitter Clients for Android (2021)

1. Official Twitter App — Best Twitter App

Twitter for Android, as the name says, is the official app from Twitter. As far as getting things done is concerned, this does them very well. One can easily understand what’s going on, thanks to its intuitive and uncomplicated interface. A pitch-black dark mode increases the ease of interacting with the tweets.

And of course, you can perform essential tasks like editing your account information, retweeting, following, liking, replying, blocking, etc., effortlessly with a few clicks. Being the official app, it ought to be stable and receive new features earlier for beta-users if you’re interested in testing them. You can also join/hold live streams and spaces. Furthermore, it syncs brilliantly between devices.

Official Twitter App- Best Twitter Apps

The Official Twitter app is the go-to choice for newcomers and most other casual users. For the cost of nothing and a few ads and promoted content on top, the official version is the safest and the best Twitter app for Android.

This app has a Lite version too. If you’ve got a low-end smartphone or don’t want to use a ton of resources for Twitter, Twitter Lite could be your best bet.

[appbox googleplay com.twitter.android]

[appbox googleplay com.twitter.android.lite]

2. Fenix 2 for Twitter

If you’re an absolute Twitter freak, then Fenix 2 might just be it. Its earlier version was a fan favorite, and this one carries it forward. The best part about Fenix 2 is the ability to customize it and enhance your Twitter experience. It already comes with a praiseworthy design, but if you wish to tweak it to your heart’s content, you can do it.

Its admirable features include multi-account support, a fully customizable layout, gorgeous media preview, undo a sent tweet, native support for external websites like Youtube and Instagram, gesture support for performing actions, and the list goes on. You can also mute unwelcoming people whom you don’t want to interfere with on Twitter.

Fenix 2 for Twitter

Sad enough, it isn’t a free app, but sure enough, it can make up for the money it demands by its striking looks and handy features. Thus, we’ve kept it on our list of best Twitter apps.

[appbox googleplay it.mvilla.android.fenix2]

3. Albatross for Twitter

Albatross for Twitter is one of the latest Twitter apps for Android and has quickly gathered over 50,000 installs on Play Store. If Fenix 2 Twitter client for Android was about to make you pay a pricey sum of money, then hang on; Albatross might please you with its minimalist layout, ads-free experience, a great set of customizations; all for free!

The very first thing you’ll notice is that it follows material design, which in itself is a refreshing thing. As a result, every tweet, message, settings column, etc., has a dedicated background to give an adorable feel. Moreover, it can display content chronologically, has fluid animations, supports tweets scheduling, biometric authentication, and supports all types of Twitter media formats.

Albatross for Twitter

That’s a lot of features, and you don’t have to pay a single penny; however, in-app purchases are optional. The app has some bugs and inconsistencies, but the developer positively accepts feedbacks. It explains why we’ve kept it on our list of best Twitter apps.

[appbox googleplay com.nick.mowen.albatross]

4. Hootsuite for Twitter

Have you ever wondered how organizations and companies post on various social media platforms at the same time? Well, something like Hootsuite Twitter client for Android performs such a task. If you’re a business handler or someone who wants to manage all their accounts in one place, then Hootsuite is a treat, an expensive treat, mind you.

Hootsuite lets you become more productive by linking multiple social media accounts like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. With that, you can post from all of them at once, surveil your audience’s response towards your posts, get notifications in an organized manner, and auto or custom schedule posts using the in-built calendar. Also, its design is more than just beautiful.

Hootsuite for Twitter

While the free version lets you link only two accounts and use limited features, you can get its premium version, which is undoubtedly expensive. It’s not feasible for most individuals, but for businesses, it might be. It is thus on our list of best Twitter apps.

[appbox googleplay com.hootsuite.droid.full]

5. Owly for Twitter

If you’re that guy who wants to make use of Twitter for staying up-to-date with the latest news trends or wants to gain knowledge rather than wasting time, then Owly for Twitter is the one to get. Once set up according to your interests, Owly provides a tailored experience, leaving random, dillydally things at the doorstep. It offers a fair bit of customizable features too.

While setting it up, Owly asks what topics you’re interested in and then organizes your Twitter feed accordingly. It can also send you a digest at your scheduled time to stay well informed about your followings. It comes with exceptional tweet management, support for multiple accounts at once, customizable design, and more. Additionally, Owly is surprisingly fast, pretty, and highly personalizable.

Owly for Twitter

It’s a free app, but enabling a few extra settings requires an in-app purchase. Primarily for its productivity-focused and no-nonsense approach, it deserves a place on our list of best Twitter apps.

[appbox googleplay com.arthurivanets.owly]

6. Talon for Twitter

Talon for Twitter is yet another paid-only app like Fenix 2, but thankfully, it isn’t as expensive as the latter. It comes with its share of usefulness, and some pretty cool features like an in-built simple photo editor, Android Wear support, do not disturb mode, to name a few. Alongside, it is one of the better-ranked Twitter apps for Android; you’ll see why.

Talon, too, follows Google’s material design, and the app lays out information in card format, which looks neat. It also has various theming options, everything from choosing your preferred color in layouts to unique filters; Talon is indeed a joyful piece of creation. It also has dual-account support, navigation gestures, a home-screen widget, an enhanced article reader mode, and an in-built YouTube player.

Talon for Twitter

As said earlier, Talon is a paid app, and there are no ads at all. The app has various other thoughtful features apart from those mentioned above and thus grabs a place on our list of best Twitter apps.

[appbox googleplay com.klinker.android.twitter_l]

7. Friendly for Twitter

Friendly for Twitter is just a simple Twitter client that allows you to perform the bare minimum you’d want a third-party client to do. While other apps had some defining characteristics, or I must say a cool feature, Friendly somewhat fades in, apart from one thing we’ll be looking at in a moment. It’s a happy-looking and straightforward app.

Friendly is a simple app that runs the web version of Twitter, and it benefits it in a good way. The app is light and isn’t power-hungry, and interestingly, it has a battery saver option on top of that in case your phone/tablet is nearly dead. It comes with the unique perk of downloading media, which might come in handy in some situations. You can add as many Twitter accounts as you want and play with the color formats a bit; that’s it.

Friendly for Twitter

Friendly for Twitter is available for free, but if you wish to personalize it more than it is, the app will ask you to upgrade to pro. Plus, there are no ads, and enabling an option can turn off sponsored content as well. It might appeal to some, and that’s why we’ve kept it on our list of best Twitter apps.

[appbox googleplay io.friendly.twitter]

Tweet With These Twitter Clients for Android

That concludes our list of the best Twitter apps. I hope you can figure out which one of the best Twitter apps suits your need and usage. For most, the numero-uno choice would be the official Twitter app, but other listicles should satisfy those craving a bit more than what the official Twitter app can do. Thanks for making it to the end, and if you have any suggestions/feedback, you’re most welcome to drop them below. Happy tweeting!


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