Stop Using SHAREit! 4 Best SHAREit Indian Alternatives for Android and iOS

Today, we bring you 5 SHAREit Indian alternatives for Android with possibly no ads. When SHAREit got announced, it used to be one of the best apps on the Play Store for sharing files. But over time, the company has shifted to focus on making money. Given that, the company started to introduce a ton of ads, which makes the user uncomfortable.

SHAREit has always been a go-to sharing app for a long time for many users. And many still use the SHAREit app for ease of use. Since many people don’t tend to look for Indian alternatives for SHAREit, thus it’s hard for many people to switch to an option, and they don’t want to go through the pain of learning a new Alternative.

What are we looking for today?

SHAREit is bloated with ads, and that doesn’t mean SHAREit is useless. In this list of the best SHAREit Indian alternatives for Android, we are looking for apps that have the following things.
1. Send large files using WiFi Hotspot and no internet connection.
2. No Ads

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Best SHAREit Indian Alternatives For Android

1. Share ALL – Best Indian SHAREit Alternative for Android

Share ALL - Best SHAREit Alternative Indian App

If there’s one best SHAREit Indian alternative, it is Share ALL. Share ALL is a file-sharing app just like SHAREit made for sharing files between two devices. It is made by Indian developers to replicate SHAREit’s capabilities without compromising one’s privacy. The app doesn’t have any limit; thus, you can share files no matter how you like irrespective of the size. It supports all formats so that you can share without any hassle.

Similar to that of SHAREit, you won’t need the internet at all to transfer files between devices. Again, it will need WiFi and Bluetooth access to share files. The maximum speed of Share ALL goes up to 20MBps. It wouldn’t be the fastest, but it would get the job done if you are looking for a SHAREit Indian Alternative app. It’s completely free to use, and you won’t need to pay a dime off your pocket.

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2. Files by Google – Best SHAREit Alternative for Android

Files Go - Best SHAREItAlternatives for Android

The Files by Google, as the name suggests, it is offered by Google. It is known for its file management features. But with the updates, it got file transfer support. It is the best SHAREit Indian alternative for Android. You get the trust of Google itself and need not be worried about ads at all. It supports all file formats like JPG, PNG, MP4, AVI, APK, and many more.

The Files by Google have the advantage of replacing your native file manager app. It also doubles a file cleaner app as well. It is thus bringing the benefits from both the worlds at the same time. The best thing about Files by Google app is that it takes only 10MB space on your phone, which makes it lighter compared to every app on this list.

As a file transfer app, it comes with offline file support and is the best replacement for SHAREit. The speeds range up to 480 Mbps making your file transfer much faster than it used to be in SHAREit. At the same time, your files get encrypted with WPA2 encryption, so you don’t need to worry.

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3. Jio Switch – Indian SHAREit Alternative

Jio Switch - Best SHAREit Indian Alternative

Jio isn’t an unfamiliar name when it comes to Indian people. Over time Jio released several apps for the convenience of users. Among those apps, Jio Switch is a great alternative for SHAREit. Since Jio Switch comes from the house of Reliance Jio, you wouldn’t need to worry much. It is one of the best SHAREit Indian alternative apps you can find.

Jio Switch brings the same capabilities as SHAREit; thus, you won’t find it inconvenient to switch to Jio Switch. It supports all kinds of formats. Additionally, you don’t need any cables to transfer files. All you need is WiFi and Bluetooth. The speed is almost the same as SHAREit. The best part about Jio Switch is its cross-device compatibility, meaning it is available on both Android and iOS. It’s the best SHAREit Indian Alternative app you can have on your device.

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4. Smart Share – SHAREit Indian Alternative

Smart Share - Best SHAREit Indian Alternative

Smart Share is also an Indian alternative to the SHAREit app. The features are quite similar to what you would expect from any file sharing app. You can also share any files you want, and the same goes for different video formats as well. You don’t even need an internet connection, just like other apps on this list. Indian developers develop it, and you shouldn’t worry.

We put it last on this list because of its user interface. It looks a little outdated and might feel unappealing as well. But regarding the functionality, it gets the job done. You may prefer it for various other reasons, but we would still recommend the apps mentioned above. Smart Share is one of the SHAREit Indian alternative apps you can find on the Play Store. It also comes with cross-compatibility, which indeed is a good option. Give it a try, then, and let us know.

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Why Should You Stop Using SHAREit?

SHAREit used to be a great app when it comes to functionality. The file transfer app offered terrific transfer speeds. The thing is that when it comes to ads, share it just uses a lot. The main objective of the app was to share files. But now, it’s a thing of the past.

Apart from that, while setting up the app, it asks you for unnecessary permissions. Unknowingly, we grant the Permissions to the app. Just ask yourself, why would a file-sharing app need permissions to your location or manage your phone calls. SHAREit mentions in their privacy policy that our data is secure. But do you think it is?

SHAREit Alternatives (Permissions)

Keeping the permissions aside, we get to some dumb stuff once the app opens. It isn’t an entertainment app, right? Its job is to transfer files, but all we see now is just dumb ads targeted towards particular demography based on your location. If you are outside the app, you still get tons of notifications now and then, which still have the same stuff.

SHAREit ALternatives (Entertainment)

SHAREit is much popular among the people who aren’t aware of alternative apps or don’t know about data privacy. They don’t expect an app to share their contacts or location information. Thus they stick with that one app they’ve remembered all the time.

SHAREit wants to monetize its app, but things are getting out of hands. They need to acknowledge this issue as soon as possible. If you didn’t know that SHAREit was collecting your data, you should start switching to one of the apps mentioned above.

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It’s better to stop using the SHAREit app right now before it sends all the data to those Chinese servers. Now it’s up to you if you want to keep your data private. Why would you want to do that? We guess you want the same as we do. The amount of dumb content available on SHAREit is much wore than we thought. It’s better to stop it now before it consumes your data.

Always remember not to allow irrelevant permissions to any app. It’s not even about SHAREit, just any app that asks for unnecessary permissions.

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