Best Indian Alternatives To Popular China Apps Banned in India for Android

The Government of India decided to ban 59 Chinese apps as an additional step towards the protest of banning China apps for a month. As per the official statement, privacy exploitation is the reason for this ban. Although most of these apps are quite essential and they don’t need any explanation. In that sense, we’ve compiled a list of the best Indian alternatives to China apps banned in India.

Best Indian Alternatives to China Apps

TikTok Alternative – Chingari

Chingari - TikTok Alternative (China Apps)

Although TikTok is a popular social media app, things have to be changed now. Among the list of the banned Chinese apps, TikTok is the most used one. As a short video making app, it is quite hard to find such a social media app. The best Indian alternatives to TikTok is Chingari.

After the ban of the Popular short video making app TikTok, the best Indian alternative option seems to Chingari. It has surpassed 2.5 Million downloads amidst the prohibition, and it works well too. It is one of the best short video making app as an alternative to TikTok.

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Xender/SHAREit Alternative – ShareALL

Share ALL - Best SHAREit Alternative Indian App

After TikTok, file sharing apps like Xender and SHAREit got hit after all. We’ve already mentioned the best alternatives to SHAREit in our previous article. There are quite a few Indian apps when it comes to sharing files between two devices. The best Indian Alternative to SHAREit and Xender is ShareALL.

Share ALL is a file-sharing app just like SHAREit and Xender, made for sharing files between two devices. It is made by Indian developers to replicate SHAREit’s capabilities without compromising one’s privacy. The app doesn’t have any limit; thus, you can share files no matter how you like irrespective of the size. It supports all formats so that you can share without any hassle.

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CamScanner Alternative – Doc Scanner

Doc Scanner - CamScanner Alternative (China Apps)

CamScanner is amongst the most popular utility apps used in India. The ban list also includes CamScanner as a result of privacy exploitation. It creates digital copies of documents and used by many students and employees for the time being. Since it got banned in India, the best Alternative to CamScanner is Doc Scanner.

Doc Scanner is an Indian app, but it is the best Alternative to the CamScanner you can get. There are quite less document scanning apps made in India. Doc Scanner works very well to provide you the same experience you got from CamScanner. Over time, it has gained good reviews and updates to many issues. It is the best Indian Alternative you can get for CamScanner. We would also recommend Adobe Scan as another choice for CamScanner, even though it isn’t an Indian app.

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UC Browser/APUS Browser Alternative – Jio Browser

Jio Browser - UC Browser Alternative (China Apps)

UC Browser comes pre-installed on many Chinese smartphones. It is one of the most used browsers for its download gimmicks. Many of us not know that, and we fall into the trap. According to the official list of banned China apps, UC Browser is present among them. The same story goes for APUS Browser as well. The best Indian Alternative to UC Browser/APUS Browser is Jio Browser.

Jio Browser is an Indian app developed by Jio, an Indian entity that provided us with better accessibility to the Internet. Similar to that of UC Browser, it comes with news and entertainment content to please Indians. Although, Jio Browser is privacy-focused and safe to use. Other non-Chinese alternatives to UC Browser are Google Chrome, Brave Browser, and many others.

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Helo, LIKEE, Kwai Alternative – ShareChat

Share Chat - Helo, Kwai, LIKEE Alternative (China Apps)

Helo, LIKEE, Kwai are some of the most Popular China apps when it comes to video sharing among Indians. Since they’ve been in India now, it’s quite a task to find the Indian alternatives to this app. The best Indian Alternative to these China apps like Helo, LIKEE, and Kwai is ShareChat.

ShareChat is an Indian-based video-sharing app. It’s been already popular among Indians, and it won’t be a harder choice to shift to it as well. It also allows people to interact among themselves on this platform. It is available in multiple regional languages to provide ease of access. ShareChat is one of the best Indian alternatives for China apps like Helo, LIKEE, and Kwai.

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BeautyPlus and YouCam Alternative – Indian Selfie Camera

Indian Selfie Camera - YouCam, Beauty Plus Alternative (China Apps)

BeautyPlus and YouCam are China apps that are used by many Indians. It enhances the selfies by adding some glow effects and brightening filters to pop out your pictures. Well, there aren’t many apps that share the same experience that you get from BeautyPlus and YouCam. The best Alternative to China apps like BeautyPlus and YouCam is the Indian Selfie Camera.

Indian Selfie Camera app is an Indian app, as the name suggests. Comparatively, it works as good as BeautyPlus and YouCam while offering similar features. This app has an easy to use UI and is updated from time to time. You may face some minor bugs here and there, but they’ll get fixed in upcoming updates. The Indian Selfie Camera app is the best Alternative to China apps like BeautyPlus and YouCam.

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NewsDog and UC News Alternative – InShorts

InShorts - NewsDog, UC News Alternative (China Apps)

NewsDog and UC News are quite popular news apps in India. Finding Indian news apps as good as them is quite tricky. With Chian apps like NewsDog and UC News banned in India now, it doesn’t leave us to many possible choices. The best Alternative to China apps like NewsDog and UC News is InShorts.

InShorts offers a similar user interface as that of NewsDog and UC News. InShorts offers news articles in only 60 words and is available in multiple regional languages to provide News in local languages. It is an Indian app developed by developers based in Uttar Pradesh, so you won’t need to worry much. InShorts is the best news app alternative to China apps like UC News and NewsDog.

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VivaVideo Alternative – Photo Video Maker

Photo Video Maker - VivaVideo Alternative (China Apps)

VivaVideo made video-editing on mobile an easy job. It is now among the popular China apps banned in India. There are many video editing apps on the Play Store, and most of them are Chinese. As a solution to support India, the best Indian Alternative for VivaVideo is Photo Video Maker with Music. It may sound unfamiliar to you, yet it gets the job done.

Photo Video Maker is an Indian-based video editing app for Android. It offers the same features as VivaVideo, and thus video editing will be as always. This app provides various filters to compensate for the video. Additionally, you also get access to licensed music, which means a wide variety of music available for your videos. As an Indian Alternative, Photo Video Maker turns out to be the best against VivaVideo.

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These were some of the best Indian alternatives to the banned China apps in India. The ban on these Chinese apps was a great decision. Not only because of the conflict going between India and China but in terms of privacy concerns.

Not only Indian apps, but we suggest you give a try to non-Indian apps as well. They are well-built and provide better quality. Indian apps will get support slowly, and the quality will rise. We thank you for being a part of this initiative. We’ll keep adding new Alternatives once we find them.

What are your thoughts on these apps? Let us know which one will you use in the comments below.
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