Best Earphones Under 500 in India

Are you searching for the best earphones under 500? It’s a tough job considering the Indian market crowds with so many Earphones. The best headphones under 500 aren’t easy to find. Getting the best quality possible and that too under this tight budget segment is a tiresome job. Don’t worry, and we’ve comprised this special just for you guys.

If you are searching for the best earphones under 500, it means that you want the best audio quality under your budget. Well, you are in luck; there are a lot of Earphones offering the same under your budget. This list consists of some of the premium quality earphones under 500.

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Top 10 Best Earphones Under 500 in India (December 2020)

1. Realme Earbuds

Realme Buds - best earphones under 500

Realme Earbuds come from the house of Realme themselves. These earphones are known for more bass in the audio. If you love more bass, these are the ones for you. We picked it as number one on the list of best earphones under 500 in India.

The Realme Earbuds comes with 11nm drivers, which is one more than the others on the list. These pairs of the headset have magnets on the buds to avoid tangling. They add a more premium feel to the earphones. It comes with a 3-button control for more easiness.

If you are a bass lover, you will surely love these earphones. These are the best earphones under 500 for bass lovers.

2. Mi Basic Earphones

Mi Earphones Basic - best earphones under 500

The Mi Basic earphones are from the house of Xiaomi and are made by 1More for them. They are known for ultra-deep bass in the audio quality. Thus, we picked them to be number two on our best earphones under 500 in India.

The Mi Basic Earphones come with 10mm drivers for deeper bass in the audio. Since they come from the house of Xiaomi, they’re well compatible with Xiaomi smartphones. It comes with an aluminum build quality to make them feel premium. The cable included is a tangle-free one that does its job very well.

Apart from that, these earphones do come with an in-line mic with a single button. These earphones are good for bass lovers and are one of the cheapest on our list of the best Earphones under 500 in India.

3. Boat Bassheads 152

Boat BassHeads 152 - best earphones under 500

The Boat Bassheads 152 is another addition in the budget lineup from the company. Like others, these earphones also slightly towards the bass side. What makes them different is the addition of a braided cable. Thus, we picked it to be number three, the best earphones under 500 in India.

These pair of Earphones are quite a  great deal when it comes to durability. They’re right in terms of looks and audio quality as well.  The Bassheads 152 has a tangle-free braided cable for better durability. It has 10nm drivers for deep bass and HD sound quality.

It comes with a metallic finish to give it a premium finish. If you want durable earphones, you might take a look at these earphones. These are one of the best Earphones under 500 in India for durability.

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4. JBL C50HI

JBL C50HI - best earphones under 500

If you are looking for balanced earphones instead of bass-heavy ones, JBL C50HI is the best under your budget. The JBL C50HI is from one of the companies best in audio quality. You are in luck since you are getting a JBL at such a price. Thus, we picked it to be the number four on our list of the best earphones under 500 in India.

The JBL C50HI comes with the signature sound from JBL themselves, making it one of the best-balanced earphones out there. It comes with 9mm drivers to offer a balanced yet pleasing bass. It does come with an in-line mic to control the play/pause and has integration with Google.

The JBL C50HI is one of the best earphones under 500 for a clean and amazing audio quality.

5. Boat Bassheads 242 – Best earphones under 500

Boat bassheads 242 - best earphones under 500

Recently launched, the Boat Bassheads 242 is the best-in-class earphones, and we picked it to be number five our list of the best Earphones under 500. The Boat has grown out to be one of the best companies offering high-quality earphones under every possible budget.

The Boat Bassheads 242 comes with 10nm drivers offering a pumping bass with HD sound. Apart from that, we get to see IPX 4 water-resistant to keep out of water and sweat from your body. Along with that, it has an in-line mic control with three buttons — volume up, volume down, and play/pause.

If you are looking for the best earphones under 500, the Boats Bassheads 242 is the one for you.

6. Motorola Pace 100

Motorola Pace 100 - best earphones under 500

These earphones are the most affordable on our list of the best Earphones under 500 in India. They cost a mere Rs.299 only, which is only half the budget. These earphones come from the house of Motorola, a trustworthy company as well.

The Motorola Pace 100 comes with 10mm drivers for a rich and deeper bass sound. One of the best things about them is the addition of Alexa voice assistant integration. They do come with an integrated mic and have a 1.2m cable when it comes to the length of the cable. It is the cheapest earphone pair you can get at just Rs.299.

If you have a tight budget under 500 too, you can go for these cheap earphones. But the audio quality isn’t compromised on the Earphones if you ask us. Thus, it one of the best Earphones under 500 in India. You wouldn’t even feel like these Earphones cost Rs.299 also.


Things have changed regarding the audio quality of the earphones. These days, it is possible to high-quality earphones at affordable prices. Choosing headsets is a tough call, but there are some factors you should consider while buying any earphones. The first and foremost thing is the Audio Quality, which accounts for your listening experience. The second is durability, which takes care of the strength of the cable in any possible manner. The third one is the mic, which will help you to have a great conversation with your dear ones.

Another important factor is comfort, which takes care of the fit of the earplugs. Just make sure that the earphones fit right into your ears before you get uneasiness and blame them. Many earphones come with an extra pair of earplugs, choose the right one to provide your ears, and you’ll be good to go.

Never get confused between the words Earphones and Headphones. Earphones plug inside the ears, and Headphones are the ones used to put over the ear. Many people tend to confuse between the two words and choose the wrong one. For some, it is Earphones that are comfortable, while for others, it’s the Headphones that are easy to use. It’s better to decide before you purchase.

Better look out for the factors mentioned above, and you’ll surely get the suitable earphones you want. If you have any questions regarding the listing, you can comment below, and we’ll try to answer them as soon as possible and guide you on the right path. If you have any questions, let us know in the comments below.

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