10 Interesting and Cool Websites To Pass Time on Internet

In the past, we’ve talked about many websites that help us in being productive and making our lives simpler. However, there are also times when you need to take some time off and surf the internet to pass the time. You can’t work like a machine for hours and hours. Thus, you need to take some breaks while working or after a heavy load of work. Then, the thought passes your mind—how do I spend my break time?

You don’t need to scratch your head for that. Most of the people spend their leisure time watching pet videos. If that’s what you usually do, it’s time to take things differently. You’re here looking for some Cool Websites to pass the time on the internet. Apart from watching cat videos, the internet hosts a gazillion of Amazing Websites to try out. We’ve jotted down the hidden treasure for you so you can relax on your chair and enjoy your free time.

So without wasting your time, I would like to share some Cool Websites to spend your free time. Trust me, these Websites are quite Interesting and will grab your attention. So prepare to be amazed. Here’s the list of best Websites to enjoy your spare time.

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Some Interesting and Cool Websites to Spend Time in 2020

1. Mental Floss

Mental Floss - Best Cool Websites

Sometimes you wonder how things came into where they exist now. Or maybe you want to know a little bit about progressive history. Well, that’s where Mental Floss comes in. It is a Website that blows your mind with top-notch articles, which consists of various facts and unknown things. This Website covers a wide range of topics from ancient history to present pop-culture.

Mental Floss has an “Amazing Fact Generator,” that generates new facts that might astonish you, every time you push the Generate button. To start with the Website, all you need to do is go to Mental Floss and start exploring various topics to your liking. It is one of the Cool Websites full of knowledge, and we think intellectual in you would love it. Give Mental Floss a try, and thank us later.


2. Forgotify

Forgotify - Best Cool Websites

It’s your free time, and you want to groove to some music now. You go to Spotify and discover songs of your preferences. But given that they’re of some famous artists, you might want to look into some abhorred artists as well. That’s where Forgotify comes to the rescue. Forgotify helps you to discover such artists who get avoided. With Forgotify, you might find that one/several artists that match your exact preferences.

Forgotify pushes undiscovered artists with low streams to help them grow. It also makes sure that you get satisfaction with the music too. To begin the quest, you might want to look into their recently discovered to list. Forgotify is one of the Cool Websites, which will make you groove for a reasonable amount of time. Why don’t you try it now?


3. Attack Of The Cute

Attack of The Cute - Best Cool Websites

Are you a cat person or a dog person? Or an animal lover? Nevermind, this Website makes you say “aww” at any given moment. Attack Of The Cute is a Website that hosts a collection of cute pictures and videos on the internet. It is not limited to pups or kittens but a wide variety of cute animals to make your eyes shine. Given that I spent some time on this Website adoring the cuteness.

If there were two words to describe the Attack of The Cute Website, it would have been “Cuteness Overloaded.” Make sure that you don’t spend a lot of time on it, and you may lose track of time. If that happens, don’t blame us. It is one of the Cool Websites to quench your thirst for cuteness. Rather than searching on Instagram, visit this site.


4. ThisisSand

ThisisSand - Best Cool Websites

If you a place of art in your heart, you’ll surely love this Website. ThisisSand is a Website where you can create a masterpiece out of the sand. It is quite fun to make some sandscapes and become an artist out of nowhere. Quite not possible, but you can make some pieces of wholesome art. In our case, we spent more than 20 minutes on the Website and couldn’t get enough of it.

ThisisSand gives you a wide range of palettes to choose your preferred colors for creating sand art. Once you pick the one you like, you can start creating how you want to draw. I was so bored and couldn’t resist giving it a try. It is the result of boredom, as you can see above. Also, this Website is available on Play Store and App Store, if you can’t access it on a Desktop. It is one of the Cool Websites you are likely looking to pass the time.


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5. Bored Panda

Bored Panda - Best Cool Websites

We’re not talking about a website that covers pandas being bored. But Bored Panda is a popular publication that includes some Amazing and Interesting images into listicles. Given that they’re not formal at all, you’ll find them fun to read, although the topics aren’t compromised here. Bored Panda covers a variety of subjects on the internet.

These articles are a collection from vast communities they find on the internet. The articles or images are very relatable and quite funny at the same time. I visit this Website at least a day when I get bored, and it brings a good laugh out of me. It is one of the Cool Websites to visit when tired. I bet the won’t bore you at all.


6. WeaveSilk

WeaveSilk - Best Cool Websites

To draw a fantastic art piece, you don’t need to be an artist. That only applies if you tried the WeaveSilk Website. WeaveSilk allows you to create a masterpiece woven like silk. It is an interactive website where you have to move your mouse here and there to create fabulous art. You can share your artwork with friends, or you can simply save it to your device.

Even you are worst at drawing, WeaveSilk will make you wonder whether you are an artist or not. It is entirely abstract based, so if you like abstract artworks, you can create one for yourself. Apart from the Website, WeaveSilk is available on iOS, but not on Android. It kills your time, and you won’t notice the time passing. It is one of the Cool Websites to try out for abstract lovers.


7. Big Think

Big Think - Best Interesting Websites

You might have heard of “Think Big,” but have you heard of Big Think? Think Big is a sentence from many entrepreneurs and successful people around you. Big Think, on the other hand, is a Website that digs deep into the life of these successful people. The information you will see on this Website is authentic and valid. You’ll see their life’s success story in article format, and you’ll enjoy reading them.

Using Big Think, you’ll ee the struggles and obstacles faced by some of the industry-leading personalities. Their journey will inspire you in such a way that your productiveness will boost incredibly. Big Think is one of those Cool Websites that encourage you, even in your free time. It’s a fantastic place similar to TED speakers, where real people share their experiences.



XKCD - Best Amazing Websites

If you like going for some nerdy comic stuff, you should give a try to XKCD. XKCD comes with many comic strips covering genres like romance, language, and many others. Every post is a usual comic-strip with stick figures. Even though they are stick figures, it’ll crack you up until you cry. The quality and presentation of these comic-strips are quite enjoyable and fun.

A former NASA employee started XKCD to keep people entertaining over some exciting topics. All you need to do is keep pressing NEXT, to laugh out loud. Make sure to look at the ALT text of the comic-strips; you’ll even find some crazy jokes there. It is one of the Cool Websites that seriously got me Interested in as soon as I saw it. If you love maths, science, or any nerdy stuff, you should give it a try.


9. Fail Blog

Fail Blog - Best Cool Websites

Sometimes you might be depressed about failing yourself. It affects your work and personal life too. You need not worry about it. Everyone fails and learns from their mistakes. If you want to see it yourself, head over to Fail Blog. Fail Blog is an Interesting Website where you will find people failing at many things. Without a doubt, the content uploaded on this Website is quite funny and cranks you up sometimes.

It shows that many people fail unknowingly with lousy timing and stupidity mostly. When you look at the videos and images from Fail Blog, it’ll cheer you up in many ways. I bet you’ll enjoy yourself watching out those. It will take away your depression, and if not, you’ll be able to pass the time. Fail Blog is one of the Cool Websites on the list marked funny.


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10. A Soft Murmur

A Soft Murmur - Best Cool Websites

After enjoying the sites mentioned above, you are ready to get back to work. However, before that, you should check out A Soft Murmur. It is a Website where you’ll be able to calm yourself before going productive again. This Website stimulates different sounds like rain, thunder, water, and many more to calm your mind. With a great pair of earphones, you’ll enjoy some fascinating ambient sounds.

You can slide the bars beneath the elements to customize the ambient sound to your liking. It is available on Android and iOS if you are looking for an app version. The Website is easy to use and will soothe you before working off. That said, we thought it would be an excellent addition to our list of the Cool Websites to pass the time.


Conclusion for Cool Websites to Pass Time

So these were some Cool Websites to try them when you’re bored. We hope you’ll find these Cool Websites interesting to hop on and enjoy the fun ride. While you can go back to your classics like Netflix and YouTube, things will keep getting dull over time. We suggest you spend your valuable time on these Cool Websites instead, and you’ll get the most out of them. We assure you that we’ll update the list of Cool Websites from time to time as soon as we find them.

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