10 Best Podcasts To Listen Right Now!

Podcasts have transformed the audio-listening experience into a completely different ordeal. Podcasts tend to be the best way to share stories through audio. For some people, Podcasts have become a necessity, whether it be while commuting, doing your favorite hobby, or before sleeping. We listen to a lot of podcasts as well, and they have become a part of our lives.

When you enter the podcast world, you won’t be able to decide which one to listen to among them. There is a profusion of podcasts available to hear, but it’s quite tough to choose among so many. They are available in many possible genres, and most of them tend to be good.

If you are facing the same dilemma, let us help you. We racked up some of the best podcasts to listen to any time. So without delaying further, let’s jump into the list of best podcasts. These best podcasts are available on any podcast player, and you’ll love them for sure.

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Best Podcasts To Listen Right Now!

1. Darknet Diaries (Crime)

Darknet Diaries: best Podcasts to Listen

If you are into technology, you might have come across Dark Web, at least once in your lifetime. If you find those stories interesting, this podcast might be for you. Darknet Diaries investigates the truth behind the tragedies of people who fell for Dark Web. It started in 2017 and evolved drastically. Some episodes tend to bring some terrific insights from the dark web, and you might haven’t heard of them either.

One of my favorite episodes of this podcast is called “17 Finn.” It features the evolution of a child to a hacker and has been one of the Best Episodes so far. Darknet Diaries has a unique style of presentation, which involves an investigative approach. The people involved in the series are real, and you will hear their voices when they narrate their stories. It is one of the best podcasts you can listen to right now.

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2. SciShow Tangents (Science)

SciShow Tangents - Best Podcasts in Science

You might have come across SciShow, given that you are interested in Science, of course! SciShow Tangents is a series from the SciShow YouTube channel with a twist. Here, the hosts try to blow each other’s minds with some bewildering and funny researches. SciShow Tangents arrived in 2018 in association with WNYC Studios and has been releasing episodes weekly since then.

This show has a competitive appeal between the hosts of the show. So you’ll get to know facts that may startle you. They cover a variety of topics like games, music, life, and much more. Every episode gives you an in-depth knowledge of a specific topic. The Topics are easy to search since the episode names contain the topic name. It is one of the best podcasts for science lovers, especially.

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3. Serial (Mystery)

Serial - Best Podcasts in Investigating Journalism

Conceding that you’re into podcasts for a long time, you might have heard of The American Life. Changeless, the creators of the Serial podcast are the same. The Serial podcast covers the investigation of mysterious crimes over narrative story series. It became public in the year 2014, and it’s been continuing since its release. Each season contains handpicked stories to narrate.

The podcast begins with the investigation of a murder that happened in 1999. Similarly, every season comes with a brand-new story. It has won many awards for its prodigious narration and broadcasting. We recommend you to listen to season one, and it’s our personal favorite too. It is one of the best podcasts to look for its marvelous stories.

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4. 99% Invisible (Art)

99% Invisible - Best Podcasts for Art

A podcast that covers how art and design influence our everyday lifestyle. That said, it includes some artistic processes that bring everyday objects to their resulting form, which we usually neglect. The episodes are well-narrated with a well-executed storyline. It has produced around 376 Episodes till now since its first release in 2010.

The name “99% Invisible” gets its inspiration from the famous quote by Buckminister Fuller, which says ninety-percent of who you are invisible and untouchable. There’s a new topic every episode, and the production is of high-quality as well. What more could you expect from this podcast? It’s fascinating and is one of the best podcasts based on art.

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5. Waveform: The MKBHD Podcast (Technology)

Waveform: The MKBHD Podcast - Best Podcasts in Technology

Given that you’re into tech stuff, you should have heard of MKBHD, a.k.a. Marques Brownlee, or might be following him. Case being valid, some of you might not have come across his podcast yet. Waveform explores MKBHD’s views on the tech news and latest products around technology. It launched in 2019 and continues to provide valuable content to its subscribers.

Waveform covers most of behind the scenes discussion from the videos uploaded to MKBHD’s YouTube channel. Speaking of that, many YouTubers are also starting their podcasts. You can find them with a simple search on your favorite podcast app. If you enjoy tech, you’ll love the Waveform podcast too. It’s one of the best podcasts in the technology field and covers vast tech.

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6. TED Talks Daily (Inspiration)

TED Talks Daily - Best Podcasts for Inspiration

Are you demotivated lately? TED Talks Daily might give you a boost to your confidence and inspire you every week. They give you fascinating ideas to boost your aura upwards. They are actual snippets from the TED Talks by professionals in their respective fields. It commenced in 2019 and has been releasing a new episode every week.

These TED Talks are inspirational talks from inspiring artists to innovative life-changing technology. And stories that help you reduce your depression levels, and you can keep working hard. TED Talks Daily, on the other hand, compiles tips from inspiring people to motivate. If you’re looking for inspiration, TED Talks Daily is one of the best podcasts to find it.

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7. Reply All (Technology)

Reply All - Best Podcasts in Technology Explanation

Reply All is a technology podcast technically, but there’s more to it. This show is all about how technology impedes our daily lives. The explanations are very analytical and provide fascinating insights into how technology makes our lives easier. And also how we affect technology to ease our needs. It began in 2014 and continues to bring great content, furthermore.

Every episode is something new, and you might not even know what’s coming. Every episode’s format varies from time to time, like the addition of trivial games among hosts, and much more. This podcast received many applauds from people and managed to keep an average rating of five stars on most of the podcast streaming platforms. It’s a highly recommended and one of the best podcasts you can listen to gain some knowledge.

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8. Planet Money (Business)

Planet Money - Best Podcasts for Business

More of a business person? Not to worry, Planet Money has got you covered. Planet Money, as the name suggests, is a podcast about economy and business. The host uses engaging and inventive narration to grab your attention with stories. With the launch in 2008, this podcast achieved an instant hit, and the journey commenced further.

That narration style is very intuitive and fun to hear. Planet Money confronts some unusual topics like trading, healthcare to give you an insightful story. Nine members host the show currently and keeps up its pace. As a result of the niche, you get to see many business professionals interviewed. It’s one of our best podcasts, which cheers us up every week.

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9. Hardcore History (Narrative History)

Hardcore History by Dan Carlin - Best Podcasts on History

Hardcore History is a very protracted podcast. Each of its episodes is at least 4 hours long, without a doubt. Dan Carlin, the narrator of this podcast, narrates a historical enrapturing way. You can see his enthusiasm for history in his words. The topics are in the course of happenings, which give him an advantage. Furthermore, Dan Carlin is called the king of podcasts, and this podcast is very long, still captivates listeners.

Hardcore History got a head start in 2013, and is advancing to gain more listeners over time. His Genghis Khan series is one of our favorites and still amuses us. Adding the Moghul Empire to the series, you get a total of six episodes. They will easily last for nine hours while being very informative. The time invested in listening to this podcast is entirely worthy. It is one of the best podcasts when it comes to history for sure.

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10. Stuff You Should Know (Informative)

Stuff You Should Know - Best Podcasts for Knowledge and Information

Stuff You Should Know is a podcast that’s been running over a decade. Yes, you heard it right, before you even knew about podcasts! The two hosts bring life to this podcast. That said, this podcast covers everything you need to know. From a tardigrade to Genghis Khan, you have it right here.

It arrived in 2008 and aired over 1400 episodes so far and is ongoing. The narration is on-point, and they keep a mixture of fun and knowledge. They make you hooked up to them for hours. They cut-off the boring and useless stuff and keep it clean as much as possible. We have so many episodes as our favorites, but you should taste it yourself to know more. It is one of the best podcasts when it comes to informative ones.

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So these were some of the best podcasts we suggest you yo try out. You won’t even regret listening to these podcasts at all. SciShow, 99% Invisible, and Waveform are some of the best podcasts that we hear to them a lot. We hope you’ll love these podcasts as well. We handpicked them for you after listening to the best podcasts out there.

That said, you can use any podcast app to listen to these best podcasts we mentioned above. We use Pocket Casts as our go-to podcast app, while we recommend using Google Podcasts, Spotify, and Castbox if you are new to this field.

If you want more podcasts according to specific genres, let us know in the comments. Tell us what podcasts you listen to using Twitter.
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