Windows 11 Update for February 2022 Brings Redesigned Apps, Taskbar, and Support for Android Apps

Microsoft Windows 11 has received a major update this time after its debut in last year October. You can pretty confidently update to the new version from the older versions like Windows 10. We say that because the new updates of the operating system have made the experience more stable than the earlier versions. 

This new and big update for the Win 11 OS includes many changes and new features on board that will relieve many users around the world longing for a stable version. If you have not installed the new Windows version, you can do so by checking and installing the updates from the Windows Update settings. However, the unsupported PC users still cannot officially upgrade the software. 

Windows 11 First Big Update and its New Features

The new Windows 11 massive update rolled out in February includes four new additions. These changes and new features include the improvements in the Taskbar area, support for Android applications on the OS and a revamp to a few applications. Apart from these changes, Microsoft has assured the users that they will receive faster updates from now with many changes.

The first big changes you can witness on the operating system are the changes in Taskbar on the desktop after the welcome screen. The operating system will now provide the clock on the taskbar even on the secondary screens apart from the main screen. Microsoft has finally solved the issue as many users have observed the absence of a clock and the weather gadget gives a comeback.

The next feature on the update includes the support for Android applications on the new Windows. Microsoft on the launch event has flaunted this feature as the next big thing for the Windows software but couldn’t bring it immediately in the initial versions. 

Windows 11 Supports Android Apps
Windows 11 Supports Android Apps for PC

Nonetheless, the software giant has finally brought the support for applications and games in partnership with Amazon. You can download some of the available Android applications on the Amazon AppStore easily from the Microsoft Store. Although, there’s an unofficial way of using the Google Play Store to download Android apps on Windows 11 as well. 

Lastly, the latest update has come with a few redesigned applications featuring a revamped Notepad and Media Player. The new update for the Notepad comes with a new Dark theme along with an improved search interface and multi-step undo support. 

Windows 11 Notepad
Redesigned Notepad on Windows 11

The biggest change on the new Windows 11 update features a Media Player designed in the combination of Groove and older Windows Media Player and replaces them elegantly. This new media player will easily blend with the user interface of Windows 11. These were some of the features, additions, and changes brought with Windows 11’s major upgrade. 

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