Microsoft Unveils Windows 11 with Redesigned UI and Start Menu

Microsoft announces Windows 11 as its next updated operating system for Windows through a virtual event today. The update has tons of newly redesigned elements filled in along with changes on the user interface.

The new version of Windows is a long-awaited update from Microsoft since Windows 10 in 2015. The tech giant has made all its efforts to bring the users a fresh approach to their operating system.

“Today marks a major milestone in the history of Windows,” and “It’s the beginning of a new generation.”

Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft

Windows 11 New Improvements and Updates

The Windows 11 OS brings in a lot of improvements and changes to the previous version of Windows. The major overhaul you can witness is on the desktop and the taskbar. Microsoft has redesigned the Start menu on the desktop by moving all the icons in the middle.

This change gives your most used applications and software in the center for a more focussed environment. Although, the interface resembles the recently released and discontinued Windows 10X UI. Apart from these, the entire UI gets rounded corners on the windows.

Windows 11

The new Windows has a transparent background on the back which gives the users an appealing look. Furthermore, the OS gets a new Dark Mode, new transitions, and a new settings page UI.

The most useful and helpful updates thrown in the new updated OS are New Multi-tasking options with the snap layout. This layout will let you select 4 different ways of multitasking for a more productive workflow.

Along with these, Microsoft has given a revamp to its Widgets and Personalized feed. The update is similar to the news feed on Windows 10. The feed is clutter-free that shows you related information along with a clock and weather details.

Windows 11

Talking about the performance cues, Windows 11 is considered as a huge jump over its previous version. The new operating system is deemed to provide faster unlocking and faster browsing. The size of the update file is 40% smaller than the previous versions which is quite an improvement.

Moreover, the 11th iteration is said to consume less power and the battery will last longer with the new updates. According to Microsoft, this version of Windows is rooted more towards privacy and will provide a secure experience to the users.

The next big and major thing that Microsoft revealed is that the Android apps will now make an entry in Windows 11. They made it possible with the help of Amazon’s app store. The touch version of Windows garnered some fresh features with better touch inputs.

Furthermore, Microsoft has added a plethora of new additions such as a New On-Screen Keyboard, Entertainment section, Snap Group, and Gaming features. They have redesigned the Windows Store as well and as mentioned before, Android apps will soon show up on the store.

These were all the new updates and performance improvements on the new Windows 11 operating system. The minimum specifications required for running the Windows 11 are 4GB RAM, a dual-core 64-bit processor with a clock speed of at least 1Ghz.

The system needs to have a minimum space of 64GB; the standard resolution of the display for the new Windows is 1366×768. The machine should support UEFI, Secure Boot & TMP 2.0 compatibility. The DirectX 12 version is the minimum requirement to run the Windows 11 OS on an average system.

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