6 Best Ways To Easily Send Large Files Via Gmail

Are you facing difficulties sending large-size files such as images or videos on Gmail? Google’s most popular service doesn’t support sending attachments above the 25MB size limit. It’s an issue many of us face daily and is a difficult task in needed times.

There’s a reason behind email service providers like Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook keep a limit on file upload sizes. We’ll clear out all your queries regarding the file attachment size limit and guide you with different methods to send large files via Gmail.

What is Gmail’s File Attachment Limit?

Most email companies’ servers on the internet can only process lesser-sized emails in bulk. Processing thousands of emails with larger file sizes may lead to a system collapse and service interruption.

Gmail has restricted users from sending or receiving files in confined file sizes because it encodes your email into a specific format. You might have encountered the restriction pop-up while uploading a file larger than the size limit of 25MB.

File size limit exceeded prompt on Gmail

The actual size of Gmail attachment size limit is closer to 12.5 MB, and Gmail has to double the encoding process for sending an email. Another reason for the size cap is to prevent users from storing files in the mail-storing server instead of a file-storing server. 

How to Send Large Files via Gmail

You can send the needed attachments that are out of the size limit using Google’s self-tailored storage system Drive, which lets you upload, store and share any file type. We have tested a few of the best ways to send files using different methods and platforms. Here are the best ways to send large files via Gmail.

Using Google Drive on Gmail

The Drive feature on Google lets you or others access the shared files anytime with an active internet connection. With the integration of Google’s mail and file storage mediums, you can send large files via Gmail using Google Drive.

1. Open your Gmail Account on the browser and Compose a new email.

2. Click on the Google Drive icon at the bottom of the compose page.

Click on the Drive button in Compose window

3. Upload the file you want to attach to your email to your Drive storage.

4. Select the files from your Drive in the Insert files window.

Click on Insert to send the attached large file via Gmail

5. Click on the Insert as Drive Link option in the bottom menu.

Click on the send button to send large files via Gmail

6. Click on Insert and send the email with the link to your attached file. 

Send a Compressed File Attached to the Email

You can easily overcome the file size limitation by compressing all the files in one place. Archive your files into a zipped folder format if you have to send large files via Gmail if you’ve multiple simultaneously.

1. Open the location of the files on your Windows computer.

2. Select and right-click on the files to open the drop-down menu.

3. Hover on the Send to and click the Compressed (zipped) folder option. 

Compress the folder to send large files via Gmail

4. Give a title to your compressed folder, and you are ready to attach the file. 

5. Now, compose a new email from your Gmail account and click on Compose 

Attach the Compressed folder and send the email

6. Attach the compressed file and send the email right away.

Use the Dropbox Add-On to Send Large Files via Gmail

Dropbox has no size limit, lets you upload and store any file type, and integrates seamlessly with Gmail. You can send large files via Gmail using the DropBox add-on. After the installation, the Dropbox option appears in the Gmail’s compose window.

You can easily select the files from your Dropbox account and send the link, which even previews the files.

1. Open your Gmail account and Compose a new email.

2. Click on the Dropbox add-on button from the bottom menu of compose window.

Click on the Dropbox add-on to attach and send large files via Gmail

3. Select the files that you need to send on the preview window of Dropbox. 

Select the file from the dropbox add-on in Gmail

4. The link of the shared files directly gets attached to Gmail.

Send the email with the link of the file on dropbox

5. Click on the Send button to share the Dropbox link of the files.

Use OneDrive as an Alternative to Google Drive to Send Large Files

Microsoft, with its mail service provider Outlook, works in the same way as Gmail, which lets you send mail. You can send files with a file size of over 34MB, unlike the 25MB cap on Gmail, allowing you send large files via Gmail.

The OneDrive from Microsoft lets the recipient copy or download files with only the Anyone Can View option. Or you can select the Anyone can Edit option to let the recipient edit, add, or delete files in a shared folder.

Right before attaching files, OneDrive prompts you to select the attachment as a OneDrive link to share or as a copy. This way, you can send a file of up to 2GB by uploading the file to OneDrive. 

1. Open your Outlook account and click on the New Message option.

2. Click on the Upload and Share option from the drop-down list.

Click on Upload and Share to attach files

3. You can select either Anyone can view or Anyone can edit it as per your requirements.

4. Send the mail, and the file shows up in the Shared link of OneDrive. 

Use a File Sharing Service for Large Sized Files

Many file-sharing services readily available on the internet let you share all types of files at any size. You can use any available platforms, upload your file and share the link with the recipient. 

Some platforms may come with security vulnerabilities and file size limits, which you must look after before using. We recommend WeTransfer as it’s a popular and safe platform for sharing files.

1. Open WeTransfer from any of the browsers on your computer.  

2. Upload the file and fill out the form to proceed with the sharing of the file. 

Fill out the form and upload the file to We Transfer

3. Ask the recipient for the Verification Code received on their email to start the transfer.

Enter the verification code to transfer the file using we transfer

4. Enter the code, and the file link will go to the recipient’s email address.

5. Now, the receiver can download the file with the following link sent to their mail address.

Send Large Files via Gmail More Than 25MB

Attaching files at a specific file limit size on your mail isn’t always a cakewalk. As we have discussed, you can send files that take up more storage space using the above methods to send large files via Gmail or any other Email services. However, if you’re using an Android device and want to transfer files from Android to Mac, it can be a little tough.

We hope these methods have helped you to send large files via Gmail without facing any issues. What was your experience while attaching larger files to emails? Share your thoughts and suggestions on the article for further improvements. 

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