25+ Fastest DNS Servers for PS4 and PS5 To Boost Internet Speed

In an intense match with friends on PS4, you start noticing a lag between your actions and what you see on the screen. Well, that’s a bad sign. It might result from the PS4 having a bad connection to the Internet. It isn’t always the issue with your internet connection, but it can be your DNS server. As a result, you might need some fast DNS servers for PS4 to improve your ping and connection stability.

Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) provides the default DNS settings for your connection. Even so, it’s best to avoid using the default DNS. We always suggest using a custom DNS server. Having a lousy DNS on your end can ruin your unique Gaming experience, especially if you’re doing multiplayer online gaming.

We recommend using a custom DNS server to improve the gaming lag on your PS4. Using a custom DNS is not only beneficial for your gaming console, but it’ll drastically improve latency issues. This guide covered the best and fast DNS servers for PS4. It also applies to gaming PCs and smartphones as well.

What is DNS?

DNS stands for Domain Name System. We’ll make it easier if that’s too technical for you to understand. DNS is like a phonebook for the Internet. If you take the example of a phonebook, tap on a name, which calls the associated number. Similarly, if you visit www.techbaked.com, the DNS translates the hostname to its respective IP address,, for www.techbaked.com.

21 Fastest DNS Servers For PS4 in 2022

DNS ProviderPrimary DNSSecondary DNS
Cloudflare DNS1.
DNS Advantage156.154.70.1156.154.71.1
OpenDNS Home208.67.220.220208.67.222.222
Safe DNS195.46.39.39195.46.39.40
Comodo DNS8.
DNS. Watch82.200.69.8084.200.70.40
Alternate DNS198.101.242.7223.253.163.53
Uncensored DNS91.239.100.10089.233.43.71
Level3 DNS209.244.0.3
Fourth Estate45.77.165.19445.32.36.36
Century Link205.171.3.66205.171.202.166
Xfinity (Comcast)
UltraDNS Public (Neustar)
AdGuard Public DNS94.140.14.1494.140.15.15
AdGuard DNS176.103.130.130176.103.130.129
Hurricane Electric DNS74.82.42.42
Best DNS Servers for PS4

These are some of the best DNS servers for PS4. We recommend using DNS servers like Google’s DNS and Cloudflare DNS. While Custom DNS help to improve internet speed, they also let you access some censored sites. A custom DNS lets you browse a video or website from your location, even when censored.

To check the ping of each DNS, you can use a benchmark program like DNS Name Speed Benchmark. Similarly, you can also use DNS benchmarkers like DNS Speed Test on Android to test your ping. We recommend performing a DNS test to check which DNS server would be best for DNS server for your PS4.

How To Change DNS Server Settings on PS4?

Open PS4 Network Settings

Turn on your PS4 and head over to the Settings menu. Then select the Network option.

Select “Setup New Internet Connection”

Under the Network option, select the “Setup New Internet Connection” option.

Select LAN/WiFi, then choose “Custom.”

Depending on your Internet Connection, choose LAN or WiFi. Then you will need to select the “Custom” option.

Click “Automatic” and set DHCP to “Do Not Specify.”

Once you choose the Custom option, you’ll need to select “Automatic” and then select “Do Not Specify” on the next screen, which says DHCP settings.

Select “Manual” Settings on PS4

You’ll get a prompt to set the DNS settings. To set the best DNS server for PS4, select the “Manual” option.

Enter Primary and Secondary DNS

From the list of best DNS for PS4, choose the one that you think works the best for you. For this example, we are choosing Google’s DNS. Now select “Primary DNS” and enter the respective Primary DNS. Similarly, do the same thing for “Secondary DNS.”

Set the MTU and Proxy Settings

Finally, set the MTU as Automatic and Proxy Server as Do Not Use. At last, select Test Internet Connection. Try all the DNS settings, and see what works best for you based on your location.

Frequently Asked Questions about best DNS Servers for PS4

How to find my DNS Server?

To find your DNS Server, you can go to the IP address of your Wireless Router (if you have one) and check for the DNS. If not, you can ask your Internet Service Provider what DNS they use.

What is the best DNS for PS4?

Although no particular DNS works for everyone, we recommend trying out Google and Cloudflare DNS first. These are some of the best DNS servers for PS4. The DNS server’s performance varies depending on your location and ISP.

Is it safe to change DNS on PS4?

It’s completely safe to change your DNS on the PS4. It won’t harm your PS4 if you want to revert to your default DNS whenever you want.

These are the Best DNS For PS4

Since there’re no best DNS servers for PS4, it all comes down to trial and error. If one DNS doesn’t work for your connection, it’s best to look for the one that gives you the lowest latency possible. The listed DNS servers are some of the best Public DNS servers for PS4. If you still face any further issues regarding DNS servers for PS4, let us know in the comments below. If you have some more DNS suggestions, try to mention them as well.

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  1. I use to have some very stable wifi connection, but now I get disconnected and I lag in games constantly. I am unable to use lan cables, and have tried almost 20 dns servers. What is wrong with my connection? Is it my system? I´ve had my ps4 for 5 years and have had almost zero issues until about June-July 2020.

    • If it’s not DNS or LAN wire problems, then it’s definitely some issue with the internet provider or the console. If you face the same connection problem on other devices as well, it’s likely an issue from the ISP. If not, something’s gone wrong with the console.

  2. Try to find the right DNS server for my ps4 so I can improve my connection I use lan cable please help ?!


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