10 Best Chrome Extensions to Enhance Your Productivity!

Web browsers on PCs can do a lot, be it sending a million dollars to someone or booking a hotel for a client, etc. In fact, there are a majority of people who work on browsers such as using zoom or Google Meet for conferencing; Google Docs and Sheets for writing and keeping records, etc. However, at the end of the day, there’s always this much a browser can do. Extensions, on the other hand, are like mini-apps for browsers that extend their capability manifold. Here’s a list of the 10 best Chrome extensions that we found that will enhance your productivity. 

10 Best Chrome Extensions to Enhance Your Productivity!


Adblock - Best Chrome Extensions

Well, we had to include this without fail. When you visit a website be it for leisure or for research or other purposes, ads can distract you. Click on it and you will land on a completely different website. Even Forbes has put up a ton of ads on its website which makes it difficult to consume its content at times. 

Presenting Adblock is one of the best chrome extensions that block all the ads on any website you ever visit. It gives you a number of elements it has blocked on a particular website and a count of all ads blocked as well. You might have to pause Adblock for some websites as they don’t allow it but at the end of the day, you can expect the majority of ads to simply disappear without a trace.



Grammarly - Best Chrome Extensions

We had to include Grammarly as it is one of the integral extensions in the content domain although it works almost everywhere. It points out any grammatical errors, punctuations, typos, incorrect sentence formation, and others in your write-up. Its extension makes it easy to scan for these errors in real-time. You’ll get proper explanations with every error giving you a gist of why a particular word or sentence has been flagged. 

We have been using Grammarly ever since it has been around and it does have an upper hand when compared to other grammar checker extensions out there. You can effectively improve your writing skills with Grammarly.



Best Chrome Extensions

Do you hunt for email addresses all the time? It could be for lead generation or simply outreaching prospective clients. Finding emails can be a difficult job as you will have to scour through the internet. Email Finder is compatible with Recruiter, Sales Navigator, and LinkedIn allows you to find the email addresses of leads you visit. It works on free LinkedIn capturing addresses of connections and more for free. 

The next time you have to find emails, use GetProspect and hover on the pages to extract the email addresses mentioned and it’s done. 



LastPass - Best Chrome Extensions

Forgot the password for your Bitcoin wallet that had 100 BTCs? Remembering passwords of your Gmail account, bank account, forms filled up somewhere, signing in to a hoard of websites becomes taxing. If you forget a password, you will either have to reset it or bid adieu to the said account. 

LastPass is a way to relieve yourself of any worries of remembering so many passwords. All you have to do is to install LastPass, save the passwords and create a master password. Whenever you visit any website, you can use LastPass to proactively login to that particular website or app without any hassle. Save forms, credit card numbers, data across all devices synced with LastPass, and get out of the hassle of remembering any details for as long as you have LastPass at your disposal.



OneTab - Best Chrome Extensions

If you are a seasoned Google Chrome user, you must know it is a power-hungry memory-intensive web browser often mocked by the likes of Microsoft Edge. This is partly because of tabs where the more tabs you open, the more memory it will consume. Presenting OneTab is certainly one of the best Chrome extensions that get rid of tabs and instead, give you a list of sites to open. You can open an individual tab using the list or all at once. 

This will reduce memory consumption by a ton. It essentially benefits the system by lowering its CPU load and thus, Chrome works faster and so do other apps that would instead suffer in the presence of a couple of tasks in the background.



Google Chrome already has a set of shortcuts that you can do in your everyday usage. However, it falls short in places and that’s where Vimium comes into play. It essentially replaces the use of the mouse on the browser as almost everything is in reach of taps on the keyboard. You can open history using “O”, hit the “Shift+F” to follow any link, or “J” and “K” to scroll a page accordingly.

Vimium maintains that it never logs any data so keystrokes on the extension on Chrome shouldn’t be a matter of concern.



StayFocusd - Best Chrome Extensions

Browsing Facebook or checking out that shorts on YouTube become almost inevitable if you are on a browser. If you can’t get your head out of these unvalued tasks when doing something really important, StayFocusd can help. It puts you away from online distractions where you can limit the time you spend on these sites. Moreover, the extension won’t let you configure the limit unless the counter is reset. 

An extension is a Nuclear Option that restricts your access to a website for a said number of days or just hours and no matter how you try it, you can’t access it. StayFocusd won’t just put a timer, it will squash your temptations which is something you need to calm down an easily distracted mind.


Print-Friendly & PDF

Print-Friendly & PDF - Best Chrome Extensions

You may want to share a web page with your friends, colleagues, or even clients but not with ads. Well, Print Friendly & PDF helps you print a PDF of any web page in a compact form blocking all the ads and junk from the page whatever. It lets you create PDFs with clickable links that you can share with anyone at any time and anywhere. You can remove text and images that you don’t want as well as change the font size to make something bigger or smaller for readability. 

This is an ultimate PDF print extension available on Chrome free of cost that does a great job at what it does.



Do you know that some people would like to listen to an audiobook rather than read an actual one? Speechify uses the same concept but for PDFs, Google Docs, news articles, courses, Gmail, and so on. Speechify can simply read anything at any time and in 20+ languages with a human-like voice. You can speed up to audio by 9x to get around the articles or blogs at a faster pace. That’s where Speechify comes into play.



Noisli may sound like something related to noise but it is absolutely different. Instead of unpleasant noise, the extension creates soothing ambient sounds that bring stress levels down and help you concentrate on what you are doing. The extension has a minimal UI so you might not even feel it’s around while it does the job great.

You can select sounds, mix and match to get the perfect sound you like. The UI keeps changing colors so simply watching those colors change can work wonders assuming that you have enough time to see it changing.


We still have tens of hundreds of extensions that you can use to enhance your productivity. Although just how productive your work would become is subjective, these extensions should help you get better in that particular aspect if not overall.

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