Facebook’s New Feature Helps You Export Pictures to Google Photos

Facebook has introduced a new tool that can transfer your account’s pictures and videos directly to Google Photos. The image moving feature got launched and presented on behalf of Facebook’s Data Transfer Project that kickstarted in Ireland in December 2019 and later got launched in Latin America.

The transferring tool for images later got introduced in other countries such as the Asia Pacific, the UK, South East Asia, The EU, and Africa. This year, in April, Facebook has brought this feature to the USA and Canada. Some of the reports and articles suggest that Facebook made the tool available worldwide.

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Steps for Facebook’s Tool to Transfer Pictures and Videos to Google Photos

On Desktop and Mobile

In the desktop, if you get logged into your account. There is a toggle called “Your Facebook Information” on the Settings page. In the options, there is an option called “Transfer a Copy of Your Photos or Videos.” After clicking that option, you can select the Google Photos option in the dropdown menu.


The user should enter the credentials for both Facebook and Google to start the process of Photo and Video transfer. The required permissions should be granted for the process to begin. The same method gets used in the mobile version of the platform. In the bottom section of the app, the user can find the Settings menu.

Then the user needs to select the same toggle called “Your Facebook Information,” and the rest of the process is the same as the desktop version. This feature would be handy for the users that have a load of images on their account and are using this particular social media to store them in their cloud.

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The whole transfer process would take a reasonable amount of time for the images to transfer. The users can keep an eye on the progress by heading to the Activity Tab. The social media platform will send an email and notify the user once the process is complete, and Google Photos assigns the particular name for the album separately.

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