7 Best Expense Tracker Apps for Android

It’s that time of the year to sort out all the taxes for some, while others might want to minimize unwanted expenditure while some would be looking for avenues to increase their overall savings and manage expenses. It turns out there are a bunch of expense tracker apps for Android that would help you do just that and more. 

Yes, expense trackers on Android phones are far more advanced than before, and these apps can show charts and data of where you have spent, income sources, how much you could have saved, and more. Here’s a list of some of the best expense tracker apps for Android that I have come across, and you must try it too.



Pricing: Free (Contains Ads), In-app purchases from $0.99 to $9.99

Regarded as one of the most efficient expense tracker cum manager apps on Android, here’s AndroMoney. The app offers to track multiple bank accounts at once, supporting account transfers. There are interactive colored bars, charts, and trends to understand the flow of income and expenses. 

AndroMoney allows you to track your expenses better than ever before, thanks to its intuitive UI. It is available on multiple platforms; there’s a web version too. You can use the number pad in-app, convert currencies from A to B at real-time rates, and back up quickly. Apart from that, you can order your overview on income and expenses weekly, monthly, and yearly basis with just a few clicks.

[appbox googleplay com.kpmoney.android]



Pricing: Free, In-app purchases start at $0.99

If you haven’t heard about Mint, I would ask why? Mint is an uber-popular expense tracker app for Android that enables you to manage your money smartly. Monitor all your expenses and incomes right from all bank accounts, cryptocurrencies, and more. It will manage costs right from loans, credit cards, cash, investments, and other assets.

Mint can track subscriptions and get a credit score on Mint. It was earlier known as Mint Bills. Mint lets you check all your spending in charts and is sorted by categories. This is the place where you’ll get input on where you are spending the most and how to minimize it. The UI is a clear winner on Mint that puts it in the expense tracker apps on Android. That is unless you are someone who might get frightened with a few complex functionalities.

[appbox googleplay com.mint]



Pricing: Free, Offers In-App Purchases starts from $0.5

Its UI is something I admire on all apps I would use on my phone. As the name suggests, Wallet gives you a brilliant finance management platform. You can add accounts that automatically sync tracking all expenditures and finances. You can track expenses for each category, be it food, travel, etc. 

It turns out you can actually track expenses in a particular category and minimize it further. Check out insightful reports, add reward, credit, and loyalty cards on Wallet. Other features include multiple currency support, geo-mapped transactions, PIN security, standing orders, and so on.

[appbox googleplay com.droid4you.application.wallet]



Pricing: Free, Offers In-App Purchases

EveryDollar is a budget cum expense tracker app available on Android devices. It includes creating monthly budgets (which is very important) and tracking expenditure. You can add expenses to the app, set due dates, split receipts, and more with EveryDollar. Perhaps the app will help you save even the last bit of dollars with proper budget and expenses monitoring.

With more than 1M+ installs, EveryDollar is perhaps worth a try. You can set financial goals, export transactions as CSV for further assessment, and more.

[appbox googleplay com.everydollar.android]



Pricing: Free (Contains Ads), $23/yearly for Pro

It’s a free-to-use expense tracker app for Android smartphones giving you an edge in budgeting. Know your financial habits, including expenses, income, savings, and more across different bank accounts and wallets. It is one place for everything you need to know about your costs that will help you plan your budget well.

Spendee lets you track finances across multiple bank accounts and even with partners. It supports various currencies that ensure managing finances when out of the country. There’s a web version that you can access just in case. The UI is what makes Spendee a millennia and Gen-Z app. But indeed, it is for everyone who wants to manage their finances well.

[appbox googleplay com.cleevio.spendee]


Monefy - Best Expense Tracker Apps

Pricing: Free, In-app purchases start at $0.99

It won’t be my only expense tracker app, and neither will it be the last, but it is certainly a good app, to be honest. With 5M+ installs, you should have guessed why I mentioned that Monefy is a reasonable expense tracker. It lets you track everything from cash transactions to bank accounts and more. It has a feature to manually add records, which many other apps often avoid adding.

Other features include multi-currencies support, custom categories, multiple accounts, built-in calculators to zero in those numbers. Plus, it shows all your spendings in a circular-shaped chart that you can expand to find more. 

[appbox googleplay com.monefy.app.lite]



Pricing: Free, $5-$9 for Premium

Expensify is one of a few genuinely fantastic expense tracker apps out there. It is an enterprise edition that allows employees to track their spendings. Here, employers can annotate it for reimbursement. On the other hand, a personal expense tracker lets you manage all your expenses and more in a single app.

Expensify has an automatic currency converter, receipt integrations, PCI-compliant security, and advanced tax tracking. Note that these are just the tip of all the features I came across while using Expensify. Its cloud-based securing data isn’t much of a hurdle. 

[appbox googleplay org.me.mobiexpensifyg]

Wrapping Up!

Many people forget that they have to manage their expenses the most to have good savings and investments. It’s not about spending, but “over-spending” is a big problem. Also, people tend to end up racking up quite a lot in some categories, such as transportation, food, or other avenues. Having an expense tracker app installed on your phone will enable you to find high-spending categories and expenses.

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