The 7 Best Apps to Clean and Optimize Your Mac

Even though it seems improbable, it’s just as vital to clean your Mac’s software as it is to get your vehicle serviced. No, you needn’t schedule a service center appointment for that; instead, several apps can handle it for you and make it hassle-free.

Your Mac gathers junk files, cache data, and other useless files over time. These files take up your computer’s storage and slow it down.

This is where a cleaning tools come in. They eliminates the things you don’t want, frees up space, and speeds up the system. That said, here are the best apps to clean and optimize your Mac.

1. CleanMyMac X

CleanMyMac X's Smart Scan feature

Apple notarizes CleanMyMac X, implying that CleanMyMac meets its safety standards. CleanMyMac X includes excellent design, beautiful animations, and simple navigation.

It contains several tools to optimize and protect your Mac, including malware protection, batch uninstaller, system junk cleaner, and more. The “Smart Scan” utility comes in handy and summarizes the total junk size, potential threats, and tips to speed up your Mac.

CleanMyMac X is quick and dependable, and it frequently digs out a substantial amount of redundant files. Regrettably, the app’s free version has limited functionalities and allows no more than 500 MB of junk cleanup.

Download: CleanMyMac X (Free; subscription available)

2. Disk Clean Pro

Disk Clean Pro's One Click Care feature

Disk Clean Pro is a simple and easy-to-use Mac cleaner. It isn’t as decorated but still houses all the bells and whistles, including a system junk and log cleaner, duplicates finder, incomplete downloads remover, internet privacy protector, and whatnot.

Its “One Click Care” feature outlines the overall system junk and log, the count of partial downloads, and crash reports. Disk Clean Pro lets you scan and remove large or unused files in one go. The internet privacy protector detects and gets rid of malicious cookies.

On the whole, Disk Cleaner Pro is an all-around competent competitor that does the job. There isn’t a free version or trial available for the app, so that should be kept in mind as a minor drawback.

Download: Disk Clean Pro ($26.99)

3. Cleaner One Pro

Cleaner One Pro's Smart Scan feature

If your Mac is overflowing with heaps of pictures or screenshots, give Cleaner One Pro a shot. “Similar Photo,” a standout feature of the app, aids in removing duplicate images. In addition, you get a professional-looking app that is very well-rated on the App Store.

It, too, has a tool called “Smart Scan” that quickly checks your system and gives you a fairly detailed report of what it finds. Cleaner One Pro’s app manager speeds up your Mac, whereas its startup manager cuts down on the time it takes to log in.

The junk and big files cleaner work perfectly as they should. With such a vast set of features, Cleaner One Pro’s full version is cheaper than many similar apps on the list; however, you can opt for its free version if you only require basic cleaning.

Download: Cleaner One Pro (Free; subscription available)

4. Avast Cleanup Premium

Avast Cleanup Premium's Clean Clutter feature

Avast Cleanup Premium is the Swiss army knife of Mac cleaners. Disk space cleaner, duplicates finder, batch uninstaller, photo analyzer to find the bad ones, startup items manager, and browser cleaner are just a few of the many utilities offered by the app.

Avast Cleanup Premium is one of the better-looking cleaners, thanks to its minimal interface and eye-pleasing color scheme. Like other apps, the “Clean Clutter” feature effectively presents a record of your system’s space-eaters.

The browser cleaner can be scheduled to work at set intervals, so you won’t have cookies and caches piling up now and then. Avast Cleanup Premium isn’t free but offers a 30-day free trial to try it out before subscribing.

Download: Avast Cleanup Premium (Subscription required; free trial available)

5. MacKeeper

MacKeeper's Find and Fix feature

In addition to CleanMyMac X, another app on this list that Apple notarizes is MacKeeper. Over and above the usual utilities, MacKeeper also includes a native VPN, an antivirus program, and a system-wide adware cleaner to ensure complete security.

Apart from system logs and cache files, MacKeeper’s “Safe Cleanup” tool goes a step above and shows the space taken up by the trash, email attachments, and language databases. Its memory cleaner and duplicates finder can help refine your Mac further.

You can talk to an expert through the app to solve your queries and obtain a personalized solution. All of this, however, comes at a price because MacKeeper isn’t inexpensive, but if you can live without all of its features, you can opt for the free version.

Download: MacKeeper (Free; subscription available)

6. MacCleaner Pro

MacCleaner Pro's Fast Cleanup feature

MacCleaner Pro would have comfortably taken the top spot if there was a tiered ranking of Mac cleaners. The app has been notarized by Apple and provides a variety of practical functionalities laid out in an aesthetically pleasing layout.

MacCleaner Pro greets you with a graphical overview of your disk storage. To filter and boost it, you can take the help of the app’s cache data remover, app manager, RAM optimizer, and file manager, which offer detailed diagnostics of your system.

Besides, MacCleaner Pro also includes a duplicates finder, hidden files hunter, RAM cleaner, and space analyzer for added assistance. Even though MacCleaner isn’t costless, the free trial will show you how much value you get for the price.

Download: MacCleaner Pro (Subscription/premium version required; free trial available)

7. Sensei

Sensei's System Dashboard feature

If you don’t want an overly complicated application, Sensei could be a great contender. Sensei’s trump card lies in its system monitoring capabilities, which provide an excellent interface for knowing your Mac’s real-time usage and running status.

Having said that, the app also offers an effective cleaner, app uninstaller, and system optimizer to keep your Mac’s assets in check. “Trim,” Sensei’s unique feature, helps maintain the SSD by cleaning it every time before it starts writing new data scripts.

Primarily because of its design language, the app almost feels tailor-made by Apple itself, thus blending with macOS seamlessly. Lastly, you can try Sensei for free for two weeks before you decide to subscribe or buy the full version.

Download: Sensei (Subscription/premium version required; free trial available)

Extend Your Mac’s Life Using These Cleaner Apps

This ends our list of the best apps to clean and optimize your Mac. In conclusion, we’d say that CleanMyMac X and MacCleaner Pro are the best in their respective brackets. Others don’t fall short, and you may pick them as per your needs and budget.

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