5 Best Android Browsers with Extensions Support

Best Android Browsers with Chrome Extensions

For a long time, extension support was exclusive only to desktop users, opening endless opportunities to improve their browsing experience. But not anymore; selected android browsers now provide you the feature to use browser extensions even on your mobile phones.

Extension support makes your browsing experience even more interactive and immersive. Different android browsers have their set of extensions that provide you with a remarkable browsing experience. So today, we bring you the Best Android browsers which provide Extension Support.

1. Kiwi Browser

Kiwi Browser is said to be the best android browser with extension support. It supports almost every extension possible. It has a very similar user interface to the Chrome Browser. So, switching from their all-time favorite browser won’t be a challenge for Chrome users. The browser features a compelling ad-blocker that provides users with an ad-free experience.

You can easily add extensions in this browser by visiting Chrome Web Store or using the three-dot menu in the top-right corner of your mobile screen. The browser also provides you the feature to disable AMP. It helps you to get rid of them altogether.

The only major shortcoming of this browser is that it is exclusive to Android users, and you cannot transfer and sync your data across different platforms.

Kiwi Browser - Fast & Quiet
Kiwi Browser - Fast & Quiet
Developer: Geometry OU
Price: Free

2. Yandex Browser

Yandex provides a massive boost to your browsing experience by providing many features like extensions, voice search, ad-blocker, and customization options.

You can download extensions directly from the chrome store with great ease. But sadly, not all extensions work in this browser. However, Yandex provides a list of extensions to compensate for this, including some popular ones like Evernote (helps in task management), LastPass (password manager), etc.

The browser features a built-in reader mode which helps to provide a better reading experience; it also has other accessibility options, e.g.,- add bookmarks, incognito mode, change text size, etc. It offers a plethora of widgets to view important day-to-day information at a glance. Like Google stories and feed, it provides news, information, and much more, depending on your preferred genre.

3. Samsung Internet Browser

The Samsung Internet Browsers is also a decent Android Browser. It doesn’t provide you the opportunity to choose extensions from the entire chrome store, but it has its exclusive library of extensions. Though the browser is short in quantity, it doesn’t compromise on quality.

It provides many valuable extensions like a barcode scanner, shopping assistants, ad-blockers, translating tools, etc. One of the best things about this app is that you can easily sync your previous account information on the browser. You don’t have to worry about losing your saved sites, bookmarks, and other vital information.

The browser also has a beta version. You can use this app version to get early access to upcoming features on the browser.

4. Fennec Browser

The Fennec browser is an excellent browser for Android with a similar user interface to the Firefox browser since the same developers developed it. Furthermore, it provides a stunning range of extensions for you to use.

It also sports other features like browsing using images, password management, and several customizable security features which will help you in safer browsing. The Fennec browser allows you to sync data with your desktop’s Firefox browser using the Firefox Sync feature.

It is the best alternative for Firefox lovers. Unfortunately, it isn’t even close to holding a candle to the Kiwi Browser in terms of overall performance, but you should always give it a shot. 

Fennec F-Droid
Fennec F-Droid
Developer: Unknown
Price: Free

5. Firefox Browser

The Firefox Browser is one of the most well-renowned browsers, whether for desktop or Android. It can be called the elder brother of the Fennec browser. However, the browser has a huge trust advantage over it, so it has millions of users.

With Firefox, you can easily add numerous extensions which will assist you in enhancing your security, help block third-party cookies, and further, it also features a strict mode that improves the browsing experience even further.

Firefox is the correct tool for those who like to customize their browsers further. You can enhance and customize almost every aspect of the browser. In addition, it also has a reader mode, which helps focus on the text and improves your reading.

It has a limited number of extensions, but none of them contain compromises in terms of quality, and each one works flawlessly.

Firefox Fast & Private Browser
Firefox Fast & Private Browser
Developer: Mozilla
Price: Free

Improve Your Browsing Experience with These Browsers

We hope you like our list of the Best Android Browsers with Extension Support. Adding extensions to your browser may help strengthen its security, plus they allow you to customize it according to your preferences. In case of any query about the apps mentioned above, please feel free to use the comment section below.

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