10 Best Android Apps for April 2020 [Free + Paid]

It’s time to start a new chapter on Tech Baked anew finally. After completing 100 posts on our website, we are now bringing you the best apps list every month. That list will include new apps every month, and it’ll be easier for you to discover new apps as well.

Android phones are emerging day by day, and with that, the need for more apps has peaked as well. Apps are an essential part of any Android smartphone. Without them, it’s quite hard to perform some easy tasks as well. And Google Play already offers a plethora of apps for your Android smartphone. But finding the best Android apps takes a lot of patience and time. It’s more like finding that one perfect app like a needle in a haystack.

But don’t worry, we are here to do the tiresome job for you so that you can rest in peace. We’ve compiled a list of 10 Best Android Apps that you can download right now on your smartphone and make the most use of them. These apps are freshly tagged, and some of them might be a little old but are worthy of having them on board. So without any further delay, let’s hop on to the list of best android apps of April 2020.

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Best Android Apps (April 2020)

1. Beta Maniac (Free)

Beta Maniac - Best Android Apps (April 2020)

If you love testing beta apps, it gets quite a mess when it comes to managing the beta program subscriptions of your apps. Furthermore, there might be a time when you wanted to join the beta testing program of an app that allows a limited number of testers. You need not worry anymore; Beta Manic comes for the rescue in such situations. This app manages the beta programs of apps you’ve installed. In that case, it shows you apps with new beta updates and the updated ones for you to keep up with new versions.

Along with that, it lets you join the beta versions, which had a limited number of users allowed for testing like WhatsApp, Twitter, and many more. It does that by sending a notification whenever the beta program is available to join or redirects you to the link, which may luckily give you access to the beta program. With these features, we thought it might be an excellent addition to the list of best Android apps for April 2020.

[appbox googleplay it.mirko.beta]

2. Typewise Keyboard (Free/Paid)

Typewise Keyboard - Best Android Apps April 2020

If you are a person who makes a lot of typos during a conversation, you might want to switch your keyboard. Well, that won’t solve your problem. Instead, if you go for a different keyboard with bigger keys and more comfortable to hit positions, it might solve your problem. Thus comes, Typewise Keyboard. The developers claim that it reduces the typos by 80% less with their keyboard.

If you aren’t who makes typos, the gestures might drag your attention. The gestures make it faster to type, delete, and capitalize letters, and many more. It supports most of the popular languages, so you don’t need to worry about it. Typewise Keyboard came out as an exciting app on our list of the best Android apps for April 2020.

[appbox googleplay ch.icoaching.typewise]

[appbox googleplay ch.icoaching.wrio]

3. WallRod Wallpapers (Paid)

WallRod Wallpapers - Best Android Apps April 2020

If you are fond of customizing your Android home screens, at least once in a week, you might be searching for some great wallpapers. There are so many wallpaper apps on the Play Store. What makes WallRod unique is its collection of handmade abstract wallpapers.

Each wallpaper is unique to its color tone, and wallpapers arranged in their respective categories. The best part is that it updates every week with new and freshly brewed wallpapers. There are different configurations to choose from a variety of them. These features gave us some reasons to include it on our list of the best Android apps for April 2020.

[appbox googleplay com.mathyeckerdt.wallrod]

4. Start Change (Free)

Start Change - Best Android Apps April 2020

Every year you are always up to a new resolution. You’re not the only one since we are on the same page. To overcome this problem, interestingly, there’s an app. Start Change is an app claiming to help you achieve your goals. It keeps track of your progress if you set your goal, which gives you the motivation to succeed further. You can unlock and share your achievements with your friends.

With Smart Assist, the app uses your location and steps to make sure that you don’t go out of the goal. Furthermore, you get to see a visualization of your progress, which keeps you stick to your goal. A compilation of such features made us include this app on our best Android apps of April 2020 list. Give it a try and see if you can achieve your goals.

[appbox googleplay life.startchange.goals.resolutions]

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5. Memorigi (Free/Paid)

Memorigi - Best Android Apps April 2020

There are so many Todo apps on the Play Store already like TickTick, Google Tasks, and many more. But talking of todo apps, we see one more addition to the best todo apps lists. Memorigi is a simple yet splendid todo app. Just like TickTick, it lets you see your progress throughout the week to keep you motivated. The UI is very appealing with beautiful colors along with the gestures, make it easy to use.

While adding tasks is one part of the story, calendar events and reminders are some more additions to it. Integrating with your Google Calendar, everything is in one place. You can even share your tasks at the same time with 20 users and might come handy in some cases while working as a team. Some of these unique features bring it to our best Android apps of April 2020 list. Why don’t you give it a shot and let us know?

[appbox googleplay io.tinbits.memorigi]

6. GRIS (Paid)

GRIS - Best Android Apps April 2020

The game is about a young girl named GRIS lost in her world. She later finds that she gained new abilities. Over her journey, she develops her skills while discovering new ones at the same time. The artistic touch given to the animations and the music is perplexing. Through your way, you’ll need to solve some puzzles and some bewildering challenges. Giving us a great experience, GRIS made to the list of best Android apps of April 2020.

[appbox googleplay com.devolver.grispaid]

7. KAAIP Adaptive Icon Pack (Paid)

KAAIP - Best Android Apps April 2020

If you are a fan of customizing your Android smartphone, you must have heard of KAIP Icon Pack. From the same developer, the KAAIP Adaptive Icon Pack basis on adaptive icons introduced in Android 8.0 Oreo. Since the Android 10 gives you the ability to customize the shape of icons, KAAIP will be a great addition to unify the shapes in your home screen setup.

KAAIP has over 1000 themed apps with new ones adding every week. It has a neat and great selection of colors throughout the apps. The colors feel more vibrant and appealing to your eyes. This icon pack supports every launcher by default, but if you want to change the shape of the icons, you’ll need the launchers which support adaptive icons. For the icon pack lovers, we had to include it in the best Android apps list.

[appbox googleplay com.ttop.kaaip]

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8. Volume Styles (Free)

Volume Styles - Best Android Apps April 2020

Another customization on this list might get you excited more. Volume Styles is an app that lets you customize your volume panel. Yes, you heard it right! It lets you customize your volume panel to make it look like stock Android, iOS, MIUI, OxygenOS, and many more.

Additionally, you can also add more options to your volume panel like DND, Flashlight, Settings, and much more if you dig into it. Along with these shortcuts, you can also add a brightness slider into your volume panel. Give it the necessary permissions, and it’ll allow you to customize your volume panel to your liking. From a customization point of view, this should be an addition to our best Android apps for April 2020.

[appbox googleplay com.tombayley.volumepanel]

9. AppDetox

AppDetox - Best Android Apps April 2020

If Digital Wellbeing isn’t enough for you, you might want to go for AppDetox. AppDetox lets you manage your social life by blocking too many prompting apps and notifications. If your smartphone usage is limited, you might get to spend more time with your family, friends, or focus more on your work and studies.

You’ll be able to set your own rules for different apps and their notifications. You can later track your statistics using this app to push yourself away from your smartphone. When you try to violate any rule, it will remind you to shift your focus away from the smartphone. If you don’t want the apps to open, an app locker is available in that case. It is one of the best Android apps for April 2020 we found during this lockdown.

[appbox googleplay de.dfki.appdetox]

10. Sky: Children of Light

Sky: Children of Light - Best Android Apps April 2020

After a long wait, the game Sky: Children of Light has finally released for Android. It is a role-playing game that takes you on an adventure with puzzles to solve and more. The game’s objective is that you have to return the constellations into the sky.

Being an MMO-RPG game, it also offers the ability to send gifts to other players as well. The stupefying graphics make the game more alive, and the background score assists it very well. With that said, it is one of the best Android apps of April 2020 you can find on the Play Store.

[appbox googleplay com.tgc.sky.android]

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We hope you’ll find the best Android apps listed above interesting and fun to try out. Our editors carefully picked the apps, and the same will continue every month. We hope you like these apps and will connect with us for more best apps like these in the future.

What was your favorite app on this list? Let us know in the comments down below.
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