YouTube Vanced Shuts Down Due to Legal Objections from Google

Google forcefully shuts down the YouTube Vanced application by bringing up legal threats on the application. The Vanced project, with its host of Google applications with ad blocks and premium features, has entertained many users for free.

The makers of the Vanced project officially told everyone that they would completely shut down the project in the coming days.

However, the applications in the Vanced project will work without interruption at present and wouldn’t receive any future updates. The creators of the Vanced will even remove the download links related to the YouTube applications, which makes it a complete shutdown. The saga began when Google sent the legal notices to the creators of the Vanced project.

Google has directly sent the legal notices that comprise the cease and desist letter for the Vanced creators. The developers have completely halted the operations of the Vanced project, and the creators have to stop distributing and developing the app.

Later, a source revealed that the creators received instructions to remove the references, logos, and anything related to YouTube on the project.

The YouTube Vanced has made its way through many Android smartphones, with the Vanced project providing the premium features free of cost. The YouTube Vanced application featured an ad-free experience, pip mode, and proper black theme.

Furthermore, the creators of Vanced have added many other customizations that even the official YouTube application doesn’t offer to its premium users.

It isn’t the first time, as Google previously has taken severe actions on the third-party apps that access YouTube. Discord, a VoIP messenger application, featured two music bots, and the tech giant took them down last year.

Just after two weeks, both companies have collaborated and tested an ad-supported YouTube that’s integrated within the messaging service. Nonetheless, the existing versions of the YouTube Vanced still work fine, and users can enjoy the benefits at present.

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