WhatsApp Desktop Has A Custom Sticker Maker Tool Now

WhatsApp is the most popular messenger app in the world. Meta-owned instant messaging platform WhatsApp has introduced a new tool to make their custom stickers.

WhatsApp Sticker Maker feature has started rolling out on the apps for personal computers, which includes WhatsApp Web and WhatsApp’s Desktop-based app for Windows and Mac.

WhatsApp Sticker Maker is available now on WhatsApp for Web and rolling out in the coming week on Desktop. It is worth noting that WhatsApp users will have to download the latest version of WhatsApp’s Desktop-based app on their PCs.

According to the company, Sticker Maker is now available on WhatsApp for the Web and rolling out in the coming week on Desktop.

To use Sticker Maker, download the latest version of WhatsApp for Web or Desktop. From a chat window, select the attachments option, then the Sticker icon, and from there, users can upload a photo and create their customized sticker.

Users need to head over to the sticker section of the platform. Users need to open any WhatsApp chat, click on the paperclip icon, and click again on the “Sticker.” Users can then upload a photo to create their custom sticker.

WhatsApp Stickers

WhatsApp lets you add an outline, crop the image into a sticker, and add emojis, stickers, or text to it. Users can also click on the emoji icon on any WhatsApp chat and then go to the Sticker section.

In detail, users will see a “Create” option that lets users create a customized sticker. WhatsApp users can select the Send option available at the bottom right of the chat screen.

In addition, WhatsApp has made a move towards user security. WhatsApp has introduced two security features: a Flash Call for verification and Report and Block shortcuts for iOS and Android versions.

Users can opt for a Flash Call to verify rather than typing the One Time Password (OTP) code. Now, the users will be able to block or report a person more easily by just doing a long-press the latest abusive message, and the block & report options will be popped up.

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