[Exclusive] Vivo Files A Patent For Vivo AR Glass Design

It was 2019 when Vivo showcased its Vivo AR Glass at MWC Shanghai 2019. It made everyone awestruck with its capabilities. All you had to do was to connect your 5G enabled smartphone to the Vivo Ar Glass and see the magic happen. Well, this was a concept a year ago. However, Vivo seems to bring it out in the wild very soon. Fortunately, Vivo filed a patent for the Vivo Glasses recently. Thanks to the LeakerBaba team, we got early hands on those.

Vivo AR Glass Design Patent

Vivo demonstrated the capabilities of Vivo AR Glass in MWC Shanghai 2019. While we got a sneak peek of the potential Vivo AR Glass prototype, the company managed to get a design patent for those Glasses, almost a year later. Although LeakerBaba was able to bring out these design patents to you. The Patent seems to was filed on 12th June 2020 by taking a look at it.

Anyone can tell that they look the same as they showcased last year taking a look at it. Technically, it’s not the same as you expected. According to the pictures above, you can see that Vivo filed a completely new design if you look closely.

As for the design, it looks similar to what we saw last year. There have been minor tweaks here and there, although. There is also a Vivo branding on the AR Glass’s temples now. Taking a look at the Patent, we get to see isometric projections of the Vivo AR Glass.

As for the functionality, we expect it to be the same as the prototype, and we might some tweaks added to it. As Vivo mentioned in their blog, it’ll be useful for applications like AR Games, 3D Video in HD, Mobile Office, Facial and Object Recognition. As a necessity, Vivo AR Glass needs a 5G enabled smartphone to take advantage of those features. The connected smartphone will act as a remote control for the AR Glasses, additionally.

We don’t know the exact release date for the Vivo AR Glass yet. However, we might see it very soon at least by next year or so. That’s all we have for this coverage. We are thankful for LeakerBaba for providing us with the Patent.

What do you think of the Vivo AR Glasses? Are you excited about them? Let us know in the comments below.
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