TikTok Now Allows Longer Videos For Everyone

TikTok has been trialing the three-minute-long videos for some of its users for almost eight months. The feature is now rolling out for all creators on the platform. TikTok now offers everyone the opportunity to publish videos of up to three minutes in length.

The extension is meant to give creators more flexibility in filming and limit the need for multiple posts. TikTok users can look out for a notification in the coming weeks, letting them know that the feature is available.

“Creative expression brings people together. It’s how we connect with our communities. It’s how we entertain, educate, inform, and inspire each other. This is also why we’ve focused on providing our community with a range of tools to help unleash their creativity – longer videos are now one more tool people can use to captivate the community with their creative expression.”

Drew Kirchhoff, Product Manager (TikTok)

Three-minute videos have been in testing since December and are easy to find while scrolling through videos by famous TikTok creators, especially in categories like Cooking. However, longer videos have been limited to selected users, but they will now be available to everyone on TikTok over the coming weeks.

TikTok didn’t mention how longer clips could affect its popular recommendation algorithm. Creators are becoming more creative and creating both entertaining and educational content that is hard to fit into the current one-minute window.

Many have turned to create multiple videos, but casual users will find it hard to follow. The three-minute-long videos would be good as they will allow an entirely new wave of content for the users.

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