OxygenOS 11 To Arrive With Stunning Features! Here’s Your First Look At Some Of Them

OxygenOS is one of the significant aspects of OnePlus that attracts the users of OnePlus. In a recent preview, Pete Lau gave us a quick look at the AOD (Always on Display) feature from the upcoming OxygenOS 11. While that happened, LeakerBaba gave us another look at the features coming to the OxygenOS 11. The leak bases on HydrogenOS 11, OnePlus’ OS for China. The features you see here will arrive on the OxygenOS later this year.

OxygenOS 11 Features Leaked

OxygenOS has always been a community-driven OS since its release. Over the years, we have seen incredible changes to the OxygenOS. Rather than being a completely different UI on top of Android, OxygenOS keeps the stock Android feel while maintaining a set of device-specific features.

After Android 10, OnePlus looks forward to improving the OxygenOS with the arrival of Android 11. OnePlus has already announced that they’re working on a new kind of Always-ON Display. Apart from that, here is what we will see on OxygenOS 11 based on Android 11.

Here are the features you’d see on OxygenOS 11:

With what we see from the images, it’s clear that we’ll be seeing Always-ON Display on the OnePlus devices, finally. Alongside, you’d see a complete overhaul to the OxygenOS. There’ll be significant UI changes to the software, and the design language seems curated for One-Handed usage as well. Furthermore, Zen Mode will get an update to 2.0, adding a Meditation Mode. Dark Mode seems to get an improvement with better differentiating cards over the UI. The images also show a new Gallery app, which looks great.

Seems like OxygenOS 11 update will be an interesting update and one of the biggest updates to OxygenOS in a long time. These aren’t the whole set of features that’ll be introduced in OXygenOS 11, but there is a whole lot to come.

What do you think of the OxygenOS 11 features? Are you excited? Let us know your opinions in the comments below.
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