OnePlus Nord Will Pack Dual Front-Facing Cameras

OnePlus revealed that they want to get back to the basics. They seem to take things back to how they started. As a result, OnePlus is going to launch its budget smartphone called OnePlus Nord or OnePlus Z. Many speculations have already come out, and OnePlus also created an Instagram account called onepluslitezthing dedicated to that. We’re enlightened with the selfie camera specifications from the reporters at Android Central today.

OnePlus Nord Dual-Selfie Cameras

We’ve seen rumors that OnePlus Nord will launch in India and Europe only. Some names have also popped up like OnePlus Nord and OnePlus Z for the time being. Apart from that, the specifications of the OnePlus Nord haven’t revealed entirely yet. However, an exclusive leak from Android Central turned the tables with an Exclusive Leak.

OnePlus Nord Name Leak

According to Android Central, the OnePlus Nord will come with a dual punch-hole camera cutout similar to what we see on Huawei P40 Series. Furthermore, the camera resolutions are said to be 32MP, and an 8MP camera accompanies it. Later on, Max J, a popular leakster, has confirmed the leak to be authentic.

Moreover, according to a Geekbench listing, we came to know that OnePlus Nord/OnePlus Z will be running Snapdragon 765G under the hood with 12GB of RAM accompanying it. It is bound to run Android 10 straight out of the box with Oxygen OS on top of it. Talking about the rear cameras, it may feature a quad-camera setup, but we still don’t know the exact details yet.

OnePlus Nord/Z
Credit: 91Mobiles/OnLeaks

OnePlus never had a set of two cameras on the front ever since their first smartphone. After all, things had to change at a certain point in time. We guess OnePlus chose to begin a new chapter with the Nord. Although there were rumors regarding a single front-facing camera, it seems to be changed all of a sudden.

Ever since OnePlus X, OnePlus haven’t launched a mid-range smartphone in a long time. With OnePlus Nord, things might take a right turn for the company, after all. The launch of this unknown smartphone will premiere on June 30th. We’ll get to know more about it as we keep getting closer to the launch date.

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