Confirmed: The OnePlus 8 Will Have 30W Wireless Charging

Today, we saw leaks about the OnePlus wireless charger via Evan Blass (evleaks). The leak revealed live images of the new Warp wireless charger from the company. OnePlus has now confirmed and revealed more information regarding the same.

OnePlus 8 Warp Wireless Charging Confirmed!

The OnePlus Warp Wireless Charger is as impressive as the OnePlus 8 series. OnePlus has now confirmed its arrival along with the OnePlus 8 series. OnePlus claims their Warp Charger can charge 50% in 30 minutes only. Talking about speed, the OnePlus Warp Charger will peak at 30W while charging wirelessly. The charger ensures limited heat dissipation by turning down the wattage once the device reaches 97%.

OnePlus Warp Wireless Charging

Yeah, you heard it right 30W wireless charging. Prior to OnePlus, we’ve already seen fast wireless charging on Xiaomi’s 30W wireless stand and Oppo’s also going to announce the Reno Ace 2 will launch with 40W wireless charging just a day before the OnePlus 8 Series launch date. Being Oppo’s sister company, OnePlus seems to have borrowed the necessary tech for achieving the technology.

The OnePlus Warp Charge is said to be limited to OnePlus smartphones only for now. Although, OnePlus have plans for expanding it to other manufacturers as well. The company has already revealed about the price is going to be higher compared to the traditional Qi wireless chargers. Talking about Qi, OnePlus confirms the upcoming series and the warp charger will be compatible with Qi.

OnePlus Wireless Charging Dock Teaser
Credits: Evan Blass

But being limited to charge at 5W is the only catch up for the Qi compatibility. If the charging pad supports 10W, you’re in luck since OnePlus devices will support it as well. We’re excited to see the OnePlus Warp Wireless Charger along with the OnePus 8 series soon.

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