iOS 15.4 Beta Brings 120Hz Refresh Rate Support on Third-Party Applications

Apple has rolled out the latest iOS 15.4 Beta Developer update for the iPhone users enrolled in the Beta program across the world. As we have already witnessed at the iPhone 13 series launch event; the 13 Pro Max and the 13 Pro come with Apple’s ProMotion 120Hz displays.

However, only a few of the applications on the iPhone support the high refresh rate panel; and a majority of the third-party applications don’t have the full support to run the high refresh rate animations.

iOS 15.4 support for 120Hz on Applications and other updates

The new iOS 15.4 update for the iPhone users will enable the 120Hz animations support for the third applications as well bringing a smoother UI experience. The company has attempted to stop the support for high-refresh-rate on applications for more battery life.

This was possible by pushing a Core Animation bug that made applications not make the animations go beyond 60 fps. This new Beta update for iPhones for Apple will change this completely by enabling high-refresh support for all the applications.

Even though the regular 60fps on iPhone feels very smooth, the introduction of 120Hz will make it an overall buttery smooth experience continuing from the UI to the applications at the same time.

Apart from these, Apple has even provided some new addons to the update that is quite advantageous to the users. Many have already appreciated Apple for providing these new features in the iOS 15.4 Beta update.

The new updates include a new way to unlocking the FaceID instead of the traditional way following the new normal after the Covid-19 Pandemic.

The company has brought the FaceID unlock feature with a Mask as many people face difficulties while unlocking their iPhones with a mask.


Users have to re-scan their faces without a mask after updating to the new Beta version. This time the iPhone will scan for the eye region after the mask gets covered on the face.

The FaceID should probably work this time with the face mask as most of the people have provided positive feedback on social media.

Moreover, the feature is valid for the Apple Pay payments as well; making the payments easier that are wearing masks while they are in public places.

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