How to Watch Netflix With Friends From Anywhere

Netflix is an excellent OTT platform with many online series and movies. It indeed is entertaining to watch a variety of different shows and movies. But you enjoy yourself even more when you watch them with friends. With the development of online streaming, it is possible to easily watch movies and shows with your friends even if they are on the other side of the world.

So in this article, we’ll explore the different methods through which you can watch and enjoy Netflix shows with your friends.

1. Teleparty (Netflix Party)

Teleparty, formerly known as Netflix Party, is a Microsoft or Chrome Extension that allows you to watch Netflix remotely with your friends. Apart from Netflix, the extension also supports Hulu, HBO Max, and Disney Plus.

The extension features a chat window through which you can constantly be in contact with your friends watching your show. It also allows you to post emojis, pictures, and much more. The extension synchronizes the playback between the entire party. So if anyone watching the show pauses it, the video pauses for the whole of the party.

You can even stream movies and shows on Netflix in 4K using the Microsoft Edge version of the extension. Creating sessions is very easy. Select and play the video you want to view, pause it, and click the extension button on the top right corner.

Along with the advantages, there are several downsides to this extension too. Firstly, once the video ends, the extension automatically ends the session you’ve created. So if you want to watch a second video, you will have to make another session. Secondly, the extensions do not allow you to customize your usernames.

The extension is free to use on Chrome as well as Microsoft Edge.

2. Kast

Kast is another excellent means to watch Netflix with your friends remotely. You can use Kast either as a desktop app or through your browser. It also has an iOS and Android version. In Kast, a streamer controls the stream through a proxy on an online portal. Any person who joins the room or the party can watch the stream. You can host private as well as public parties.

The app is free to download and use. But it also features a premium version priced at $4.99/month. It provides additional features like an ad-free experience, unique emojis, and improved video quality to improve your experience.

3. Watch2gether

Watch2gether is a great app that has its own set of unique features. It has a player that helps you access content from Youtube, Soundcloud, and other sites.

This app doesn’t support Netflix, but the company has worked out an alternative, the beta W2gSync. This feature lets you directly paste a Netflix link into their custom-made window. However, the person who has pasted the link and created the session has the authority to control the stream. For using the W2gSync, you will have to download the Watch2gether extension from the Chrome Store.

4. Scener

Scener is a chrome extension that allows you to stream movies and shows on Netflix and watch them remotely with your friends. Like Teleparty, it supports a chatroom in which you can easily communicate with your friends while watching your show in real-time.

But you have to keep in mind always to use the primary Netflix profile while streaming with Scener. If you’re sharing your account with someone else, always use the main profile before setting up the stream. Scener allows only up to 10 people per stream. Scener also enables you to set up video cameras during a session. This feature allows the party members to watch each other and makes the experience even more interactive.

It is important to note that only the party leader can control the playback of the video. So, if you’re thinking of taking a short break, you’ll have to ask the party leader to pause the video.

The app is available on the Chrome Store, App Store, and Roku.

5. Metastream

Metastream allows you to watch shows and movies with friends via a web browser. The company hasn’t developed a desktop or mobile app for it. Along with Netflix, Metastream also supports streaming platforms like Hulu, Twitch, Crunchyroll, etc.

Metastream allows you to set up a chat window and has a video queuing feature through which you can continuously watch shows without a break. You can easily invite friends using a secret code.

But before using the Metastream services, you’ll have to download its browser extension. The extension is available on Firefox and Chrome Store.

6. TwoSeven

During the pandemic, TwoSeven was considered one of the best and most reliable platforms to watch Netflix and Disney+ with your friends. The platform stood out as it was one of the first apps to view other webcams while watching a show. Watching your friend’s reactions makes the experience more immersive.

Along with the free version, TwoSeven also sports a premium version that provides additional perks. The lowest available package is priced at $5/month, called the “Convivialist” package. The paid plans are processed through Patreon for payments.

7. Hearo

Hearo supports a plethora of different OTT platforms apart from Netflix. The app can also be connected to supported TV cable providers, which allows you to watch live sports and events with friends.

For using Hearo, download the app on your device, create an account, choose your streaming service, and share the stream link with your friends. Hearo also supports voice chat. And just like some of the other apps, only the host leader can control the playback of the video.

Watch Movies Anywhere with your Friends

Using these different apps and extensions, you can remotely watch any show or movie with your friends. Surprisingly, Netflix doesn’t have a service where friends and family in different parts of the world can watch their favorite shows in sync. Netflix should start working on a way through which friends can watch shows remotely together, and given the rapid development of OTT platforms, it would surely be a massive hit.

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