How To Stop iPhone Side Button From Hanging Up Calls

You made a phone call on your iPhone and pressed the side button to turn off the screen. What happened next was that the call got hung up. You may wonder why pressing the side button disconnected the call.

Actually, it is a feature in the iPhone which allows users to hang up calls using Side Button. It is used by many iPhone users but as good as the feature sounds it may lead to accidental call disconnection. For all the years iPhone users were requesting Apple to add a way by which they can stop iPhone Side Button from hanging up calls.

With the latest iOS 16 update, Apple listened to the users requests and added a way to turn off the feature so pressing the side button didn’t end the call. In this article we have explained the steps so you can enable the feature.

Stop iPhone Side Button from Hanging Up Calls

You can prevent the iPhone side button from hanging up calls in just a few steps. All you need is an updated iOS 16 iPhone. You also need to note that the features only work on iPhone 11 and newer. Follow along the below steps:

1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone.

2. In Settings, tap on Accessibility.

select accessibility in settings

3. Under Accessibility, click on the Touch option.

Select Touch under Accessibility settings

4. Now scroll down and turn on the toggle next to “Prevent Lock to End Call.”

Toggle on Prevent Lock to End Call option under Touch accessibility settings

Wrapping up

The Side button on the iPhone serves several functions, including ending a call, turning off the device, and taking a screenshot. If you don’t want your phone calls to be disconnected when you press the side button then follow the above steps and turn on the toggle next to Prevent Lock to End Call. Once done you no longer need to worry about getting your calls disconnected because of accidental press of the side button.

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