Google Pay Will Allow To Make Contactless UPI Payments in Using NFC Soon

Google Pay is one of the most likely used applications for day-to-day transactions in India. Users might be able to experience a new way of money transaction. The users will be able to make UPI transactions via NFC (Near Field Communication).

The users of Google Pay can make contactless payments for the UPI purchases on their smartphones using NFC. Currently, for initiating UPI payments, the users have to either enter the UPI ID or the respective mobile number or shall scan the QR code to make a transaction via Google Pay which requires more effort.

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The new NFC-based UPI transaction option in Google Pay will require fewer efforts and will be faster to use which will be helpful in saving time in day-to-day life.

According to the support page of Google Pay, the users are required to have an NFC-equipped device that is to be certified by Google Play Protect to initiate the UPI transactions using NFC on Google Pay.

The new NFC-based feature won’t be supported on the smartphones running on the developer versions of Android, rooted handsets, smartphones that weren’t officially approved by Google, and the smartphones that have unlocked bootloader won’t support the NFC-based UPI transaction option.

The support page also shows that the NFC-based transaction feature in the Google Pay application is supported by Pine Lab Terminals.

Google pay UPI NFC

Pine Lab Terminals are available at fuel stations, restaurants, supermarkets, and many more public outlets and places available in the country. As soon as the users are registered, the users will experience the tap and pay method to make contactless transactions using Google Pay at NFC-enabled public outlets.

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