YouTube Premium Review: Just Get It!

YouTube is a vast platform when it comes to video streaming. Google acquired YouTube in 2006, and after that, YouTube has been snowballing. Lately, YouTube introduced a new subscription to offer premium services to YouTube consumers called YouTube Premium. But is it worth that Rs.129  per month? Let us find out.

YouTube Premium does more than just removing ads. It’s a great package when it comes to a subscription package. So why exactly should you get a YouTube Premium subscription? We’ve got you covered with five reasons to get Youtube Premium.

5 Reasons You Should Get YouTube Premium

1. No Ads on YouTube

YouTube is always better without advertisements. Interestingly, YouTube has introduced a lot of ads on YouTube’s homepage as banners and skippable ads recently. It is the first and foremost reason to get YouTube Premium.

YouTube Premium Feature: No Ads

You might just get frustrated with all the adverts that pop-up on your screen while watching your favorite YouTube videos. In my opinion, YouTube flawlessly targets its audience when it comes to marketing any product. Even though the advertisements are good recommendations, you would still get disappointed.

Thus the subscription gives you the ability to watch your favorite YouTubers without any interruptions caused by ads. The subscription includes no ads on YouTube on your smartphone, smart TV, or even Chromecast or any other streaming device.

2. Save Any Video Offline (1080p Included)

Without a YouTube Premium subscription, you couldn’t get any video you want offline. A banner will pop-up asking you to get Premium for some videos like videos containing official music. But with the subscription, you get to download any video you want, and that includes the music videos as well. You don’t need to copy the link of the video, paste it on another site, and download the video.

YouTube Premium Feature: Offline Videos 1080p

Additionally, you get the option to offline videos at 1080p resolution, which isn’t available if you don’t have a YouTube Premium subscription. Without the subscription, YouTube allows you to download videos up to 720p resolution only. It is right for you if you tend to download a lot of videos and watch them on the go.

3. YouTube Originals

YouTube added some exclusive content from some of the renowned YouTube creators too. YouTube calls them “YouTube Originals,” which are unique series, movies, and content offered by YouTube. YouTube Premium members have access to YouTube Originals right off the bat.

YouTube Premium Feature: YouTube Originals

Content from popular YouTubers like Lilly Singh, MKBHD, Liza Koshy, Lele Pons, and many more are accessible with the subscription. YouTube gives you access to only the first episode of any YouTube Original series in the free version. They are amazing to watch your favorite content YouTubers do something out of the world.

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4. YouTube Music

YouTube Music is the best reason you should consider YouTube Premium in the first place. There are other music streaming apps available in India at prices starting from Rs.50 per month. But here, you get YouTube Music as an addition to your YouTube Premium subscription.

YouTube Premium Feature: YouTube Music

YouTube Music is a great competitor to Spotify, Saavn, and Gaana in India. The only problem with other streaming services is the restriction of some albums or artists in India. It is a big turn off, considering your choice of music. But YouTube Music has no such limitations. You can avail of all the music content available in addition to downloads support.

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5. Background Playback

If you are using YouTube on your smartphone, chances are you might need to switch through apps frequently. It often happens when you see a notification popup, and the app opens up. It stops the playback of the video or music, and it feels entirely thwarting.

YouTube Premium Feature: Background Playback

With YouTube Premium subscription, YouTube enables background playback. It makes sure that the video pops out of the screen and switch the app so that you can keep watching the video and switch between apps. If you don’t want the video, you can change it to audio, and keep listening to the video or music while switching between apps.

Still, Worried? Try It Yourself

If you are doubtful about the YouTube Premium subscription, you can try it for one month for free. I bet that it’ll be a satisfactory experience. Let me remind you; it costs only Rs.149 per month in India.

If you still have any questions left in your mind, YouTube Premium’s one month trial will answer all of them for you. By the end of the trial period, you’ll get to know if you want the subscription or not.

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