YouTube Might Charge You For Music Videos on YouTube Music Soon

YouTube has made an announcement regarding its Music application. YouTube is getting free background listening, and YouTube Music will become audio-only and will no longer be able to play videos for free listeners. Only the users who have their premium YouTube subscription will be able to watch videos.

Users who haven’t subscribed to YouTube Premium or YouTube Music Premium will also not get features including on-demand music selection and unlimited skips. In addition, the application will keep streaming music when it’s no longer open or your screen is off, along with the background play. Users won’t be able to use the seamless Song/Video switch without premium.

YouTube Music on Tablet
Credits: Alvaro Reyes (Unsplash)

Google shifts YouTube Music for free users to be an audio-only experience. According to a community post from YouTube, YouTube Music will continue to allow free users to access dedicated mood mixes for activities such as workouts and commute and explore millions of songs and thousands of playlists, along with ads.

Users without the premium subscription who have uploaded songs on the YouTube Music app will also continue to play them on-demand.

Users without the premium subscription will listen to music in the background and can shuffle their play personalized mixes. Non-premium users can find the perfect mood mixes for activities like workouts, commutes, and more through the YouTube music app. Moreover, Users can explore millions of songs & thousands of playlists without any subscription.

Users with a premium subscription will listen to songs on-demand and can watch videos on YouTube Music along with its audio playback. In addition, the premium users can skip tracks an unlimited number of times if they want and can enjoy YouTube Music without ads.

Users who want to enjoy the premium features can subscribe to YouTube Music Premium for $9.99(Rs. 750). Currently, the new changes will only be available to the users in Canada from November 3 this year. It’s unclear when this change will roll out for other regions, including India.

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