Forgetting Warranty of Electronics Purchases? Ximple is Here to Help

Every electronic product you buy comes with a warranty period from the manufacturer. This is an important document that acts as proof of purchase. It is a written guarantee from the manufacturer, promising to replace or repair the product if needed, within the given warranty period.

But most of us end up misplacing or forgetting the warranty of our electronics. If you are unable to keep track of your warranty card and receipts, you need a warranty tracker app like Ximple. This is one of the best warranty tracker apps that are here to help you.

Ximple Overview

Ximple is a convenient app that keeps track of all your warranty details. It allows you to save warranty details of your products, so you can have them all in one place. Using this app means you will never have to lose or forget your product warranties again.


The app has many useful features that make it better than other warranty tracking apps. It is free to use and is compatible with both android and iOS smartphones.

This app is the perfect solution for those who often lose track of their warranty details. If you shop electronics regularly, this app is for you. With the help of this app, you can store all your warranty details in one place. Once you save the details, you no longer have to worry about losing them.

Best of all, it comes with a cloud storage facility. This means you can store your warranty details in cloud storage and not lose them even if you lose your phone or delete the app by mistake. Plus, it also alerts users when the expiry of their warranty is near.

How Ximple is helpful?

When it comes to storing and tracking warranty information, Ximple is the best app you will find.

  1. It helps you to store and keep track of all your warranty details. Once you save the details, you no longer have to worry about losing them.
  2. It also has the cloud storage feature, so you can store all the warranty information there. This way you will never lose the saved information even if you delete the app or lose your mobile phone.
  3. It notifies you when the expiration date of your warranty is near or expired. This keeps you updated on your warranty details without you having to check them manually.
  4. It is a free app with a user-friendly interface. Unlike many other apps, it doesn’t set any limit on the number of warranties you can save.

Ximple can be accessed either from a browser or through their official app. For convenience, you should use the app instead of the website.

Ximple Website

Using Ximple means you can save all your warranty details in one place, with no fear of losing it ever. It is one of the best warranty tracker apps available online. The fact that it is available for free, everyone can use it.

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