The Best Wordle Tips You Should Know!

The Wordle game has rapidly taken over the world and has become the most popular game, with its concept of guessing the correct five-letter word in as fewer tries as possible. This daily word game throws a new word to think every day, giving the users a chance of five times to complete the challenge.

This game has become a sensation in a brief span, and in addition to it, the game provides a share option that helped create a lot of buzz around social media. The sharing feature will send out your results to any social media handles, showcasing your way through the game’s winning.

Wordle at a few times throws players with the most challenging words, which look easy after the reveal but get us into a frustrating state while scouting for the correct letters.

Firstly, you should acknowledge a few basic sets of rules to play and a specific way with which you can accomplish the challenge victoriously. For the beginners, follow the below steps on how to play the Wordle game, and then we will jump onto the Wordle Tips and Tricks.

How to play Wordle from your PC or Mobile

Open Wordle in your preferred browser on PC or Mobile. The players have six tries in the game to complete the Wordle challenge for the day. Type your guess, and see two color shades in the blocks.

The letters in the green block are in the correct place, and the letters in gray don’t exist in the word.

The letters in yellow blocks indicate the same letter but not in the appropriate block. You need to figure out the Wordle with these hints, and thus you can complete the game for the day.

The next challenge comes precisely at the end of the day for you to hop on with a different Wordle puzzle.

Best Wordle Tips and Tricks to Ace it

Wordle Tips and Tricks

You can be a newbie to the game or master the challenges; still, you can use some Wordle tips and tricks to overcome the Wordle challenges. Let’s dive into some of the best Wordle tips and tricks that you should know.

1. Begin with a simple five-letter word

Don’t just set out to crack the word right away in the first attempt, as we don’t know the exact Wordle. The game doesn’t even provide you with enough hints right in the start at times, and it’s just a guess game from the beginning.

Instead, look around your surroundings or brush up your mind for a five-letter word to try out. There’s a chance for achieving the challenge in the first attempt by trying our random words. However, the chances of winning the game that way are pretty low.

2. Use the same word every time to start

The game gets even more interesting if you have used the same word every time to start a Wordle game. A statistical study made by Wordle players around the world showcased a decent level of success rate while using the same world every time.

Best Wordle Tips and Tricks
Source: Towards Data Science (Medium)

You can even check out the letter frequencies that Wordle repeats every day with a detailed graph chart. All these things summing up will provide you with an excellent winning chance in Wordle. This way of overcoming the challenge might take a reasonable amount of time, but this comes as one of the best Wordle tips and tricks among many players.

3. Try words that feature many vowels

You can begin the game by implementing words that come with more vowels. For example, words such as “Audio,” “Canoe,” “Adieu,” and “Ouija” come with at least three vowel letters in the word.

Using more vowels will allow you to get closer to the final answer and make your journey to the end faster and easier. Numerous wordlers worldwide have figured out the appropriate Wordle answer by utilizing more vowel words and these types of Wordle tips.

4. Keep an eye on letters that repeat twice in a word

There is a high chance of winning on Wordle with words that have recurring letters in them. Never restrict yourself to using words that repeat a letter twice. Although it’s not a perfect way to start the game, there are many instances where the winning word featured at least two same letters.

You can guess these words, and every so often, the placement of these letters in Wordle plays a key role. You can take the help of the yellow and green color combinations and guess the proper word with two same letters without any hiccups.

5. Take the help of Google, if all of your strategies fail

The number of chances you receive for completing the Wordle challenge is minimal, and you don’t find any other option but to take help from the search engine.

Some may take it as cheating, but you don’t directly have to search for Wordle’s answer for the day. Instead, you can take it as a helping aid with the hints you have curated from the game you have already started.

It would be best if you attempted to acknowledge the starting letter or the ending letter of the word in the current game. Suppose you have tried the word “OCEAN” at the beginning of the game.

The ending letter appropriately fits in the last block of the word, and now you know that the word ends with “N.” Now, you can search for “Five-letter words ending with N” and set out to guess the word in the chances available.

Think Radically Every day for New Possibilities

Wordle, with its change of words, surprises you every day and, in the same manner, you need to develop your mind constantly for newer possible words. Although the game has the same word to guess for everyone, each individual gets to experience a different way of scrutinizing and reaching the final stages of guessing the correct word. It was our take on some of the best Wordle tips and tricks for beginners and mastered Wordlers.

What are your thoughts on the Wordle game? Do let us know in the comment section.

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