WhatsApp Limits Message Forwarding to Eradicate Fake News

WhatsApp is an encrypted messaging app that is being used by many users across the world to exchange instant messages. In this dangerous epidemic the world facing, people need to share only certain information to get acknowledged about the situation that is happening around us. But, some users share hoax content on Whatsapp, which spreads fast with the use of a label called forwarding. Whatsapp has introduced the name showing that the message forwards, and it would show with one tick for forwarding once and two ticks for forwarding many times.

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WhatsApp Limits Message Forwarding

So, WhatsApp has buckled up to stop spreading these fake news and information by introducing a “highly forwarded” tag, which helps not to share the most forwarded message that is to only a single person as compared to five users. The Whatsapp has end-to-end encryption, and the Whatsapp officials from the company cannot see the content, so its the only way to stop the spread of false pieces of information around the people.

WhatsApp Message Forward limit

It is not the only app for spreading hoax content. But, it’s the most widely used app to it. So, not everything is wrong about the app. Whatsapp is a great app to keep in touch with your loved ones and friends and is also used by many NGO’s and Government agencies to get people the needed help they can. Even the World Health Organisation has joined hands with the company to give information on precautionary measures for COVID-19.

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It isn’t the first time that Whatsapp has started using this feature, also used to stop some of the riots which were taking place in India. Before this incident, it had the support to send forward messages only to 256 people, and there wasn’t any use of labels to point out the news as forwarded. They also stated that after introducing some of its new features on Message Forwarding, it had reports that there were 25% fewer forwards took place around the world on the app.

Nevertheless, companies may take many precautions and try to invoke them for the good deed of people. Still, it all depends on the user’s belief and sense. We request you to check about the piece of information for its genuineness before forwarding them on Whatsapp.

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