How To Watch Instagram Stories Anonymously

Instagram stories are an excellent way for users to share real-time updates with their followers. Instagram also allows the Story posters to see who viewed their stories.

However, sometimes there might be a situation where one would like to watch the Stories without letting the story poster know about it. There are quite a few ways to view Instagram stories anonymously.

Note: Following methods will only work for public accounts. If you want to view Stories of a private account anonymously, you should be in the following list of that account.

Use an Anonymous Instagram Account

One of the simplest ways is to Create a Second Instagram account that isn’t identifiable as you. Instagram also allows you to switch between different accounts seamlessly, so that’s an added advantage.

Use Airplane Mode

 Instagram automatically preloads Stories for instant viewing even without a reliable data connection. We can use this to our advantage for viewing stories anonymously. To try this out, you need to pull up the user’s profile in the Instagram app and turn on the airplane mode and switch back to the Instagram app and now tap on the user’s stories; you will be able to watch stories without letting the Story poster know about it.

Please note that if the user has multiple stories lined up, this method might not work reliably.

Use Third-Party Apps

Several third-party apps and sites allow you to anonymously watch Someone’s Instagram stories. Some of these work without even the need to log in.

Two of these apps are:

Many of these apps and sites aren’t exceptionally safe, and they get access to your data, which is a more significant security threat, so please use these apps and locations at your discretion.

Keep It Discrete

In the guide above, we have explored three ways to watch Instagram stories anonymously. These methods will allow you to watch Instagram stories without the users knowing. Choose any of the above processes according to your preference and trust the way.

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