Vivaldi Teams Up With Renault to Provide the Best On-Road Experience

Vivaldi is one of the first browsers on the Android Automotive OS and has made its entry to the Renault Megane E-Tech Electric and All-New Austral models and will arrive at all future cars from the brand.

The collaboration of Vivaldi and Renault brings a home-like feel and a professional workspace experience for the drivers even behind the wheel. With the addition of the Vivaldi browser on its infotainment system, the car brand brings new possibilities.

The drivers can install the Vivaldi browser on their Renault electric car’s infotainment system using the OpenR Link system. Moreover, both companies have considered the safety of the driver, and the browser only works while the car’s parked. It is not the first time, as Vivaldi has made its debut on the Polestar 2 electric car that launched in December 2021.

Turn your Renault Electric into a Work Space with Vivaldi Browser

The Renault and Vivaldi collaboration has paved a new way for drivers to explore a unique browsing experience.

Thanks to the inbuilt OpenR infotainment system from the French manufacturer, the Renault electric owners provide excellent accessibility and a user-friendly interface. Besides, the infotainment system with its customizable interface is not much different from an Android smartphone or tablet.

The future of browsing in cars is exciting. We are thrilled to bring Vivaldi in the new Renault Megane E-Tech Electric, the All-Austral and in all future cars with OpenR Link system. This is a powerful example of how we want to give a smart browser to the automobility sector, providing the driver and passengers with a completely new in-car-connected browsing experience,

— Vivaldi CEO, Jon von Tetzchner.

The inclusion of a touch screen that mimics the tablet or an Android smartphone and voice command support gives a distinct way for users to navigate through the UI. The Vivaldi browser has always given the privacy of users a top priority.

The browser gives the users the ability to experience powerful features, such as a built-in ad blockertracking protection, a privacy-friendly translation tooltabbed browsingnotes function, and encrypted sync functionality

Best Use Cases of Vivaldi for Renault Drivers That Spend a Lot of Time in the Car

The arrival of the Vivaldi browser on the OpenR Link infotainment system helps users who make most of their work from browsers. The infotainment system can become a command center where users can complete their work with Vivaldi’s extended functionality features.

Vivaldi Renault
Credits: Vivaldi

With Renault’s electric cars’ extensive charging hours, the drivers can turn those waiting hours extracting more productivity and even pass the time by watching series or movies.

  • Stay connected, never miss a meeting: Take video calls from the driver’s seat, and set up access to the go-to web apps.
  • Stream your favorites: Access streaming services quickly, without the need for third-party apps. The browser is functional only when parked, ensuring your safety. Streaming content will continue audio-only if driving commences.
  • Start from where you left off: Sync browser data safely across different devices synced to Vivaldi on phones, tablets, Chromebooks, and computers.
  • Manage multiple web pages: Combine multiple tabs in groups, and view them in Vivaldi’s unique two rows of tabs – a brilliant way to keep all tabs in a single window.
  • Access bookmarks faster: Add bookmarks as Speed Dials on the new tab page and get sites with just one tap.
  • Type notes quickly: Jot down ideas and inspiration thanks to Notes in the browser’s sidebar.
  • Add a pop of color: Browse beyond dark and light themes, and choose any color in the browser’s ultra-customizable user interface.
  • Leisure galore: Turn long wait hours into enjoyable ones with games including Vivaldi’s built-in game Vivaldia and more. 

Installing Vivaldi Browser on Renault’s OpenR Link Infotainment for Megane E-Tech Electric and All-New Austral

The Vivaldi browser is currently available for Renault Megane E-Tech Electric and All-New Austral in France, Germany, Spain, Italy, and the UK. The drivers can install the Vivaldi browser on their car’s infotainment system using the MY Renault app.

Lastly, with its first-in-class support in Android Automotive OS, the Vivaldi browser will receive regular updates like the PC and Mobile versions.

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