Vivaldi 5.2 Update is Here with Reading List Panel and Privacy Statistics Bar and New Features

Vivaldi browser has launched its latest version of browser that comes with many useful and powerful features that benefit users big way. The Vivaldi 5.2 version, announced officially by Vivaldi, features many improvements and delightful additions to improve the user experience. The update will roll out to desktops and Android users simultaneously, with the same set of newly added features on both versions.

Vivaldi browser released its first version six years back. Since then, the developers at Vivaldi have constantly brought new updates, changes, and improvements, making the experience a notch higher; when compared to a few other popular browsers on the web. The latest update brings two new significant features to the Vivaldi Browser. Let’s take a look at those two new features on Vivaldi 5.2.

Vivaldi 5.2 Update New Features and Additions

Since its launch six years back, the browser, headed by Jon Stephenson von Tetzchne and the team, has brought many healthy options and offerings that many other browsers don’t include. The Vivaldi browser has adapted to users’ approach to browsing and started giving out updates that will fit their needs and overall help provides a great user experience. This latest update from Vivaldi for the browser will uplift the experience even better by introducing the Reading List Panel and Privacy Statistics Bar.

Reading List Panel on Vivaldi’s Sidebar

The Reading List feature on the Vivaldi browser has existed for a very long period, which helps in saving web pages for reading later. This built-in feature on the browser was accessible from the address bar and didn’t require any upfront signup process, making it even more feasible. The addition of a new panel for the Reading List panel has increased the convenience of finding the saved pages even more effortless. The slide-out side panel on the latest update will help you view and manage the web pages.

Some of the latest perks of the Reading List Panel on Vivaldi include intuitive management of lists, a dedicated search and filter bar for saved pages, and an efficient way of sorting and organizing the Saved pages. Besides, the Reading List feature on the sidebar will provide an easier way to view, add and remove the saved pages. Users even have the vicinity to use Quick Commands such as “Add Page to Reading List,” assigned Keyboard Shortcuts, and Mouse Gestures for adding more pages to the list.

Vivaldi 5.2: Reading List

The sorting of the saved pages comes as one of the highlighting offerings in the Reading List, which can mark the entry of a web page as read or remove the saved item from the list. Vivaldi has included a sync option that allows users to view saved web pages across all the devices that has the browser installed. The Android phones, tablets, and Chromebooks will now feature the Reading List that allows for the synced view of pages on all the devices from the desktop and works the other way around as well.

Privacy Statistics Bar introduced on Vivaldi 5.2

The next big thing that will improve the secure browsing on the Vivaldi browser would be the inclusion of a Privacy Statistics Bar. The browser with the power of Privacy Statistics will provide you with a reality check on the trackers and ads that you encounter. The new reports from research on the trackers and ads suggest that up to 87 percent of all web pages will track the users. The Privacy Statistics comes as an eye-opener that tells you the exact number of ads and trackers that followed you with detailed information.

Vivaldi 5.2: Privacy Statistics

The new version of the browser has added a new section on the start page that will show you the number of ads and trackers blocked from following you. The shield icon only previewed the Ad and Tracker Blocker statistics per site per visit, but now the game has changed. The improved Privacy Statistics bar will give awareness of the massive level of tracking prevalent today, making you even more vigilant. You can toggle on the visibility of privacy statistics from the Start Page’s quick settings in the top-right corner, or from Settings → Start Page → Speed Dial on the Vivaldi Browser.

Vivaldi Translate on Android

The Translation option powered by Lingvanex on Vivaldi has arrived at the Android version, bringing a host of features to effortlessly read pages in other languages. Users can select any text for translation on a web page that they visit and can view the original and translated text at the same time.

Vivaldi Android 5.2: Translation Panel

However, users even can select a snippet from the web page and translate the part in one click, making the process much easier for new language learners. Moreover, Vivaldi stores the recently made translations in the history section, an outstanding feature for the learners.

More Features Come to Vivaldi 5.2

The additional features apart from the major feature update on the Vivaldi browser include the Qwant privacy search bar, which doesn’t track the searches from the users like the other big company search engines. On the other hand, the update has even brought faster tab dragging for efficient and quick action. Vivaldi is working on their Mail, Calendar, and Feed Reader which they have released the beta versions in this new update.

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