Twitter Brings New Feature To Link Tweets Faster!

Twitter is bringing a new feature to link tweets in a faster and better way. Twitter announced this feature just yesterday and mentioned its release to iOS as well slowly. It was also spotted by TechCrunch and 9to5Google previously and confirmed it.

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Twitter’s New Feature – Link Tweets Faster

While you’re composing a tweet, you can pull down and add the current tweet to your previous tweet. But it’ll make a continuation thread instead. It’ll let you create a new thread or add this current tweet to your last tweet. It is a new iteration to the Tweetstorm feature, which is available to many users already.

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If you tap on the three dots, you get an option to connect your current tweet to your older tweets, given that you can choose them. Twitter seems to encourage its users to write more. From 140 words to 280 words and tweetstorms later on.  It looks like a great feature to organize your threads or tweets in a better way.

It’s much better than going back to your older tweets and scrolling down and quoting it or adding a thread. This feature does link tweets faster by adding a shortcut while composing tweets. It will make Twitter a much better place for newbies to interact more and giving them an uncluttered experience at the same time.

This feature is slowly rolling out to iOS users for now but will soon be available for Android users, too. However, we don’t have an official confirmation about the availability of this feature on Android. All we can do is wait and watch. If you are on iOS, definitely give it a try.

Source:  @Twitter

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