Twitter Adds Threaded Replies To iOS: Looks Fantastic!

Twitter threads can sometimes be a bit confusing to follow, especially if your account is public and anybody can reply. Now, the social network has started rolling out a feature that could help make them easier to parse and could ensure that you won’t miss your actual friends’ responses. Twitter Support has posted on the website that the platform’s iOS app will now show responses to your tweets from people you follow as threaded replies.

Twitter Threaded Replies

To make conversation threads easy, microblogging platform Twitter on Saturday rolled out a new reply layout for iOS devices. It will soon be rolled out for Android devices, according to media reports.

twitter threaded replies

The upgrade now attracts a solid line between a parent tweet and also the replies, with the responses indented a little as well as linked by the series of upright and straight lines. It makes a conversation appearance successfully like a string of related notes. The function was very first demoed in the company’s speculative twttr beta application back in the spring of 2014. It just displays these strings for replies from people you comply with, so you will not have your timeline swamped with tweets from arbitrary individuals you don’t recognize.

Twitter says this “brand-new format makes it easier to see that’s responding to that so you can participate on appropriate conversations,” explaining the business wishes the adjustment will motivate individuals to respond to tweets and also participate in discussions more often as opposed to merely skimming the timeline.

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