Twitter Rolls out Revamped Design including New Font, Colors, and More

Today Twitter has introduced an updated version of its website. Twitter has stated that it will make the website more accessible, less cluttered, and easier to use. Twitter has started rolling out some design tweaks to its web client and mobile application.

The new changes have been rolled out for both the iOS and Android platforms. The significant and most visible change of this redesign is Chirp. Chirp was first introduced in January as Twitter’s exclusive typeface. Twitter is assembling Chirp as a core part of the new Twitter redesign.

According to the company, one of the main advantages of Chirp is the way it can align the text of tweets written in Western languages to the left-hand side of the interface, which makes it easier for the users to read content as they scroll through the timeline.

In addition to the above changes, the colors on the web client have been updated as well. The colors on the web client are now of high contrast so that both frequently used icons and visual content like images stand out. Twitter also stated that it plans to release more color palettes as well for customization.

In the redesign, Twitter has removed a lot of visual clutter on the screen and added high contrast to the web client and less blue so photos and videos on the website can stand out.

They also introduced few gray backgrounds and divider lines and increased space to make the text easier to read.

We cleaned up a lot of visual clutter.

There are fewer gray backgrounds and unnecessary divider lines. We also increased space to make text easier to read.

This is only the start of more visual updates as Twitter becomes more centered on you and what you have to say!


The users who already subscribed to the paid Twitter Blue subscription service can tweak the application’s colors.

Fun thing: You can try tweeting [CHIRPBIRDICON] in a tweet to display the Twitter logo. In addition to that, Twitter is able to show the new special characters like Apple logo emoji that were previously not visible on Android and Windows. These special characters will be visible on the Twitter apps and in the web browser.

Those who upgraded to Twitter Blue subscription can also change the color of the app’s icon though the service is not available in all countries. This service is only available to iOS users in Canada and Australia right now.

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